Friday, May 30, 2014

Words to Live By: MORE and LESS. Week 10

If you are new to my blog, this is what this weekly series is all about:
One of my notepads lists some ways we should live more and live less.  Inspired by this message on Friday, March 28th, 2014 I wrote a post about "Words to Live By."  I decided to make weekly updates to this post, until I start repeating myself!  I promise each weekly update will contain more information than just the five new phrases though!
Readers are invited to use the comment section below, if they have new ideas of "words to live by" which would complete the phrase _____________ more. ______________ less."  
(Any time I use an idea that is not mine, I will credit the contributor and their blog, if they have one. Just keep it family friendly, please!)

1.Repurpose more.  Buy less.
  • We are a ‘throw-away and buy what we need’ society.  We can save money and reduce waste in our landfills though, if we try to re-use some of what we have, instead of always buying new.
    • Before I throw an item away, I consider whether it can be reused or used in a different way.  
    • It is easy to be lured by advertising (and even blog posts!) to feel a need to rush out and purchase something. Perhaps we should try to think first about whether we have something that might make the purchase unnecessary.
  • On the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop, hosted by Organizer By Day, a re-purpose tip was provided by Sinea at Ducks 'n a Row.  She suggested using a little plastic tub as a drawer organizer in a pinch.  This works well, as do small narrow boxes like the bottom of the ones velvet cheese comes in.  Another idea is to wash plastic food containers  and use them to store other items.

I taped the labels from the original packaging of the contents onto these repurposed plastic jars.
Stored on my pantry shelves, I can easily tell what is in them.

2. Zumba more.  Downward dog less. 
This tip is from Lana at Two teens and Their Mama, who says she loves Zumba - but doesn't like Yoga!

3. More Positivity.  Less Negativity 
This tip (one we can probably all work harder at achieving)  is from Winnie at Winnie's Inky Fingers.

4. Eat more Fruit and vegetables.  Eat less meat. 

Anonymous suggested on 4/4/14 that this could help us feel healthier and be happy knowing we are helping the planet!  

5. Recording more.  Experiencing less...
Could our photography actually be interfering with our experience?  I encourage you to go to the NPR link, and see what you think.

                       I'm trying to live more, not less.  How about you?  
What suggestions do you have?

To view ideas from previous posts please click on the page tab “Words to Live By: More and Less” at the top of this blog .  The list has grown too large to include here!

This notepad is from the Eccolo World Traveler "Lofty Thinking" collection.  The author of the words is unknown.


  1. What a great prompt! I love this! I was greatly affected by the recent shootings at UCSB last weekend, as my son goes to school there. My mantra would be HUG MORE, HURT LESS.

  2. I was so saddened by the shootings. I hope your son at UCSB is doing okay - so traumatic. Your mantra is very fitting - you will see it in a future post. Thinking of you !

  3. I love number 5! I'm always so worried about "capturing" the photo, that I sometimes miss what's going on.

    1. Me too. I love having a record to look at later, but sometimes I wish someone else would be the photographer/videographer! Most of my own early childhood memories have a photo associated with them - sometimes I wonder if it is the event or the photo I am remembering!

  4. Number 3 is great. Here's how I would finish the sentence, Love more. Judge less. Thanks for giving me a moment to think about this and bring the good into my life. Have a great weekend.

  5. I agree. I like #3 too! Thanks for the great suggestion!


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