Thursday, May 15, 2014

Goal-Setting Advice from an Unlikely Source

I got some sound advice last night.  My yogurt spoke to me.

Yes - you did just read that right.  My y-o-g-u-r-t spoke to me.  Now, before you decide I have lost touch with reality, I should point out that it didn't actually speak - not aloud, anyway. But it delivered a message that I received, loud and clear.

Actually, it was a container of frozen yogurt.  100 calories in a 4 oz. cup.  There was a box of 12 of them in my fridge - Healthy Choice Greek Frozen Yogurt.  (DISCLOSURE: No one  paid me to write about this yogurt or requested that I do so, and these ideas are entirely my own.  I simply want to share this experience with you!)

I pulled one of the cups of frozen yogurt out of the box without even looking, not really caring whether I consumed Vanilla or Strawberry. Then I looked down to peel the foil wrapper off the top.  WHOA!


I took a picture, so I could prove it!  Would this have spoken to you too?

This yogurt container told me to “MAKE A PLAN AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

Oh my gosh - what good advice!  I immediately began to wonder, “Does this mean making a better plan for producing my blog?  Maybe this refers to our family reunion I am trying to organize for this summer.  Could this be about ...”

In a split second, the practical part of me realized - “Oh, wait ... this was entirely random that I was the person to get this cup of yogurt.  This message wasn't actually directly intended for me.”  But that is the beauty of it.  It is good advice for anyone - and we can each apply it as we best see fit.  

Thanks Healthy Choice, for this delicious message! I peeked in the box, and the remaining yogurt cups have lots of other fun inspiring things to say as well!

Making a plan and making it happen is truly a great way to make the most - of all our moments!

Has an inanimate object every spoken to you?


  1. Hi.
    I have come here through NaBloPoMo, and found this post riveting.
    Indeed, your yogurt cup 'speaks' to you!
    Have a wonderful day.

    Romi @ Letters from the Land of Cherry Blossoms

    1. Hi Romi
      Thanks! I am thrilled to have had a comment from a reader in Japan! I have read several posts from your blog, and really have enjoyed them. I'm glad that you found my blog, and hope you visit often!

  2. If it makes you think, it was speaking to you! The words are inspiring, and the graphic is pretty too! Almost makes me want to eat yogurt :).

    1. I'v always loved any kind of yogurt. I think even people who normally don't enjoy it though, sometimes like the Greek variety. This frozen yogurt really just tastes a lot like ice-cream!

  3. That's great advice. Here's one I have posted by my bathroom mirror: "Without GOALS and PLANS to meet them, you are like a SHIP that has set sail with no DESTINATION." -Fitzhugh Dodson
    It helps remind me to set good goals and take steps to see them through. Thanks for sharing, and now I am craving some yogurt! :)

    1. That is a great quote as well! From your blog I can tell that you must be a good planner! I have loved following it :)


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