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A partially cut double layer chocolate cake on a floral plate

Cooking Tips 

An Easy Tip for peeling hard-boiled eggs (7-24-14) 

What to do with leftover tomato paste (5-27-14)

How to quickly soften butter (3-19-15)

Are you cooking with the right oil? (7-17-15)

Replace dairy in your recipes with avocados (7-17-15)

How to store food (7-17-15)

How to pit and freeze cherries (7-21-15)

Method for getting rid of fruit flies (7-22-15)

Caring for a cast iron skillet (8-14-15)

Freezing bacon (8-14-15)

How to cook oatmeal in a rice cooker (10-9-15)

How to ripen tomatoes in your garage (10-14-15)

How to inject a turkey (11-6-15)

Which wine to serve with your Thanksgiving meal (11-6-15)

How to make turkey gravy (11-6-15)

How to Divide Cake Batter: An Easy Tip for Even Layers (5-21-16)


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