Saturday, May 31, 2014

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Many words have been written about people's preferences for chocolate or vanilla. The superiority of one versus the other is often debated. You can even take a quiz to determine what type of personality you are, based on your favorite flavor!  So, which is better?

Growing up, I scorned both. They seemed much too common for my taste!  Trips to the Dairy Queen had me deliberating between the flavors of butter pecan, maple walnut, caramel, and all the enticing possibilities on the menu. Years later, while I still like variety, I now appreciate the merits of rich chocolate and aromatic vanilla. I really couldn't say which I like better.

Many people have trouble when they have to choose. That is why I came up with a solution to make everyone happy at my son's birthday party one year. I made a cake of both flavors, which I iced with chocolate and vanilla frosting. It was a huge hit.  I included the directions for making it when I wrote "How to Bake a Cake With Both Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting." To read it, click on the link.* (see note below)

This cake made both chocolate and vanilla lovers happy!
Perhaps there is no reason for debate - not when you can "have your (chocolate and vanilla) cake, and eat it too"! 

Chocolate or Vanilla?  Which one gets your vote?

*10/4/14 NOTE: The link to the article mentioned does not currently work, as the site it was published on is no longer in existence. I apologize for this inconvenience, and if it is republished I will update the link it is now published here: How to Make a Cake for Both Chocolate and Vanilla Lovers.


  1. It's always chocolate for me! Love the cake you made - genius idea!


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