Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Montana Mindset

 Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

I spent most of today weeding.

Our summer-like weather gradually cooled as the afternoon progressed.  Black storm clouds appeared to the south and got closer - and blacker. Pelting rain arrived and I became soaked, but I was intent on my task. Then, thunder boomed and I picked up my tools and went back to the house.

My husband and son joined me.  As we were bringing things into the garage, it started to hail.  Not surprised but quite dismayed, I said, "Look guys, it’s snowing."  My husband responded, "Susan - that's hail."

I was puzzled that he hadn't noticed the big fat wet flakes hitting my arms and face, and drifting softly through the air.  "I know it's hailing, but it is snowing too."

"Susan - those are petals."

Oh.  Right.  I looked up and realized I was standing right beside our cherry tree, currently in full bloom.
It’s sunny again - but do you see the “snowflakes” on the leaves and the rock?”

Montana never ceases to amaze me.

What sort of weather are you experiencing this weekend?


  1. What a pretty tree - and the pictures you took of it are very good! Our weather is like that too sometimes - beautiful and sunny, and then raining! Today it was nice when we left for a hike, but we had some rain along the way. Oh well, we're used to it, as I'm sure you are!

    1. Thanks Lana. We planted this Canadian Red Cherry Tree when it was just bigger than a sapling, and it has done well. I love how it perfumes the air when it is in bloom, and the birds love the fruit it produces. I hope your hike was fun!

  2. Hi Susan I am sitting here and it just occurred to me that I don't know much about Montana. I just thought its North very cold winters, shorter summers, yet I am sure it is beautiful and breathtaking and look forward seeing more of it through your blog. Having said all of that realizing the lack of knowledge for the state of Montana surprises me because my great grand dad and great grandmother immigrated to Montana at the turn of the century - my grandfather (Nonno) was born in Montana- :) thanks for sharing the tree is lovely!

    1. Hi Marisa
      You come from hearty stock if your ancestors immigrated to Montana. I love reading about pioneer women of that time period. It was challenging in so many ways. I'm glad you can experience a little of Montana through my blog.
      Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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