Sunday, March 16, 2014

Why Am I Always Getting Lost?

Sometimes, if we take a minute - or maybe five or ten - to read an article, it can really have an impact.

I was searching the web for something, which led to something else, then on to another topic, and then … there is was.  Reading through this thread has totally changed the way I feel about myself, and explains a lot.,5753,-58770,00.html

Many people believe they have a poor sense of direction.  Mine is, and has always been, nonexistent.  It is a disability.  I am often embarrassed by my lack of navigational skills. Friends and family sometimes become impatient with me, perceiving me as timid or inattentive.  I am really neither, and my life has been full of adventures. A fear of becoming lost, though, has often resulted in anxiety and has limited some of the choices I have made.

I cannot visualize the next steps of any route.  I routinely turn the wrong way when I come out of a store.  I often get lost coming back from the bathroom in a restaurant - or someone's house.  Driving unfamiliar routes (going anywhere I haven't been numerous times already) causes me to be anxious.

After reading the information linked above, I now know about numerous other people whose lives are similarly challenged. It is reassuring to find out that, as I have always suspected, this is not my fault, a sign of a lack of intelligence or even something I have just failed to learn!

Geographical or directional dyslexia.  Now I can give it a name.  Sometimes a diagnosis can be comforting.  Maybe we can start an on-line support group!  At least we won't get lost trying to find it!

Click on the link above, take a minute to read it, then let me know what you think!


  1. I just shared your article on Twitter, Gplus and facebook.

    You just wrote about me!

    Even parking my vehicle in the parking lot, makes me anxious. I have to try to remember the exact number of the lane. I despise the stores that do not have numbers on the parking lanes. It's terrifying!

    You spoke about me!!!

    I'm going to read that article and promptly send it to my husband! ;)

  2. Hi Colette,
    I'm glad you liked this post. I made my husband read the article too! Thanks for sharing it - I'm going to follow you on twitter.
    Maybe we should start a support group for people like us :)


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