Thursday, May 22, 2014

How Much Does Your Pet Love You?

I read an uplifting news today. A missing pet pigeon was reunited with its owner yesterday.

Downloaded image from Pixabay, “without attribution requirement to the original author”

Apparently, a pigeon appeared outside an elementary school in Montana on the morning of May 21st, and began to behave disruptively.  The school principal and a teacher were having trouble capturing it. They knew one of their students was a pigeon owner and asked her to help, thinking she might know of a way to catch the bird.  When the girl saw the pigeon, she realized it was her pet, named Foresta, who had been missing since the day before.  Foresta was 15 miles from home, and had never previously visited the school.

Read the full account, by Derek Brouwer, Independent Record, here.

Was this coincidence?  Did the pigeon really know its owner was in the school? Was it trying to find her? We will never know for sure, but I would like to believe the pigeon had figured out this way of getting back with its owners. Our pets continually amaze us with their courage, loyalty, and intelligence. We are so lucky to have them as our friends.

What has your pet done that has absolutely amazed you?


  1. That's a neat story. A friend in high school raised pigeons and they are pretty smart - I bet it was there on purpose! We love our lab Abby, but I'm pretty sure she'd go home with anyone who would feed her :)!

    1. Our dog's heart is also often ruled by her stomach!

  2. My Sheba is a Lab. I think she is the smartest dog ever. :-) She knows words like treat, chew, carrot, eat, hungry. Her ears perk right up. She also knows cat, meow. Her ears also perk up and she starts growling. Sometimes I spell out words but I'm sure she'll figure out the spelling , too!

    1. Sheba sounds like a great dog!
      Once our dog associated the word “fed” with dinner, we started spelling out “Have you F-E-D the D-O-G?” It didn't take her long to catch on to what we meant.
      Sometimes I think canines question human intelligence as much as we ponder theirs!


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