Saturday, October 22, 2022

12 Things to Do Before Winter Arrives

Winter is Coming

A view of blue sky and fall foilage from a patio under a pergula
We've had an unusually long season of warm autumn days and beautiful fall colors this year.

Today is October 22, 2022, and we have had a spectacular, unusually long autumn in Montana. It is about to come to an abrupt end, as this weekend is rainy, temperatures are plummeting, and precipitation will likely turn to snow by this afternoon or evening.

Thanks to the weather app on my phone, I realized our fall season was nearing an end and I began winterizing this past week. I reviewed a blog post I once wrote about chores that should be completed before freezing weather sets in, and I’m happy to report I’ve accomplished most of the tasks on my list.

It is a handy guide, so I’m sharing sections of that old post here with you today. I hope you find it helpful.

Snow covering a fence post in Montana

October 6, 2015: 
The weather recently reminded us that winter in Montana is almost here. On Saturday the temperature never climbed above 40 (Fahrenheit), it was damp and overcast, and the wind was fiercely cold. At one point there were even snow flurries, and icy bits hailed down. I was wishing I had remembered to wear long underwear under my jeans, as I watched my son's team play soccer.

Much of this week is supposed to be sunny, with temperatures in the 70's during the day. I am happy we will still have some warmer weather, however we have been fairly warned - the snow will soon fly and temperatures will plummet. 

I came up with a list of 12 things. Perhaps you should consider doing some of them as well.