Saturday, May 17, 2014

Has Spring in Montana Finally Sprung?

It feels like Spring may finally have arrived in the mountains of Montana - at least until the next May winter storm!  It was even warm and sunny at the soccer fields this morning.

Last Monday I posted a photo of the daffodils in my flower bed.  Weighted down by frost and snow, only one was blooming and it was very droopy.  I am happy to report that this cheery little crowd brushed themselves off, and have been making me smile every time I look out my kitchen window.

Daffodils or narcissus?  I really don't know the difference.

Two years ago I planted 50 tulip bulbs.  Well, I planted about 35 of them.  Tired of trying to dig holes in the rocky soil and with snowflakes beginning to flurry, I just buried the remaining 15 in one of my fenced, raised beds. Last fall, wanting that garden spot for something else, I moved all those tulip bulbs to another part of our property.

These tulips bloomed in spite of my efforts!

Or so I thought!  Apparently, I missed four.  When I walked around the corner of our house yesterday, I was surprised to see these vibrant blooms.  They are poking up through the tomato fencing I had stored on top of the raised bed for the winter.  I couldn't help but laugh.  These are the only tulip flowers on our property this year - the deer demolished the rest!  

Tulips are my favorite flower, but if I plant any more spring bulbs, it will not be tulips.  Apparently, the deer really love them too!

Can anyone tell me the difference between a daffodil and a narcissus?


  1. I have no idea what the difference is :) Your flowers are very pretty though! We had our 1st Annual Booster Golf Tournament today - and it rained all morning! Oh well. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    1. Your weather from today is now headed our way - thunderclouds are moving in! Hope the Golf tournament went well - and enjoy your weekend too!

  2. The spring really is awesome:) And so are all the plants, one day they are back, every year. It is fantastic:) I hope you get more of these warm and sunny days!

  3. Thanks Linda. Today it is raining - but that helps the plants grow too!

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous! Tulips are my favorite flower too, but they don't grow too well in Alabama, and the few that people do get to make a spectacular showing are long gone by May. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. I hope you get to enjoy your daffodils for quite a while!

    I am not totally sure, but I do think daffodils are the large ones - like you have, and narcissus are much smaller, more clustered, and quite fragrant, as well as being mostly white. But, don't hold me to that! :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I am sure Alabama has been much warmer this month than Montana. I am so happy to gain some insight into the daffodil vs narcissus identification issue. :)


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