Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The First College Test is Knowing What To Pack!

Packing for college can be daunting, but having a cheat-sheet packing checklist can help.

It can get pretty overwhelming trying to anticipate what you might need during a whole semester (or year) while living in a dorm away from home. A packing checklist can really help - and I have come up with a pretty comprehensive one. 

While recently helping my son decide what he might need in his dorm room, I realized that the packing checklist my daughter and I compiled before she set off for college several years ago is actually pretty useful. I am sharing a printable version of this list here today, for anyone faced with this challenging task.

When it was time for my daughter to pack for college, the task at first seemed overwhelming.  
  • What would she really need? 
  • How much space in her room would she really have? 
We created a packing list by consulting numerous resources, and we added other items as we thought of them.

Applying what I learned the first time.

Now, my son is off to college. Fortunately, I saved our list and although they both considered some of the mentioned items to be unnecessary (and my son wanted some things my daughter hadn't needed), my cheat-sheet was just as helpful the second time around. 

"Be Prepared"

With my kids both attending colleges at least a nine-hour drive away from home, I wanted to be sure they would have everything they might need. "Be prepared" has been my motto (and my excuse to overpack) ever since I first learned the phrase as a young Girl Guide in Canada. However, limited available space in a dorm does need to be taken into consideration; an overstuffed room can be more frustrating than occasionally having to run to the store to buy a needed item! 

Anyone can use my checklist.

If you are faced with packing for college, my suggestion would be to adapt this checklist to your student's individual needs and situation, and the size of your car! I'm sure I haven't listed everything that everyone will require, and no one really needs everything on this list - but this cheat-sheet just might have some helpful items on it which never occurred to you to pack. 

It is less expensive to just bring things you already have from home, but it may make sense to purchase some items after arriving at the campus, or to have them shipped to your child at their college address. We find our Amazon Prime membership to be very handy; almost anything can be purchased and arrive in two days with FREE shipping! And remember, seasonal items can sometimes be switched out over school breaks if your child comes home.  

It's okay if you forget something!

Don't sweat the nitty-gritty of packing details too much. Despite this lengthy list, I do believe that we can all often make do with much less than we think we need!  

Just don't forget to put a tissue in your pocket. Most of us will need one when we say good-bye!

Off-to-College Checklist
To print this list: Click Here.
Linens/Laundry Supplies
BED - - - Note: Many college beds are XL TWIN (extra-long.)
       Sheets and pillowcases (2 sets). Check about what size is needed. 
Mattress pad (check with college for bed size)
Mattress topper/ egg crate mattress - this will make the bed much more comfy! 
Blankets (2 - one for bed and one to use as a throw when studying)
Bed bug protection kit (I'm undecided on this one - for piece of mind, perhaps?)
Pillows (1 or 2 standard sized) 
       Body pillow or “Bedrest Pillow with arms"

Towels (3 bath and hand towels, 1 beach or pool towel.)
Face cloths
Clothes hangers (you will probably need more than you think!)
Drawer separator boxes
Laundry bag/basket 

Laundry detergent (The individual pods are handy)
       Fabric softener and stain remover
Delicates/ bra-washing mesh  bags
Lint brush
Iron or steamer (travel size)

Roll of quarters, if laundry facilities use these.

Electronics and Office/Desk Supplies
(NOTE: you may wish wait to purchase some school supplies until after you arrive and learn what you need.)
Computer or Laptop (printer is optional; there are usually printers for student use)
Printer, ink, and paper (if you decide to bring a printer) 
Electronic storage items (i.e.) memory cards and USB flash drives
Cell phone
Portable speakers (if you want to play music from laptop)
Chargers and cords
Stapler and staples
Pens and pencils
Highlighter pens (multiple colors) 
       Permanent markers (with both black and silver, you can label almost anything!) 
Pencil holder and sharpener
Folder with pockets and/or Binders
       Textbooks (If you know which you need and it is less expensive to purchase in advance) 
        Labels of various sizes
3 × 5 index cards
Sticky notes
Assortment of paper clips, binder clips, and rubber bands
Tape (scotch, masking and duct tape are all useful)
Ruler / measuring tape
3-hole punch
Stackable desk trays
Stamps and envelopes
HDMI cord, Ethernet cord for computer (check if your room has wireless internet)
Surge protector / power strip
Extension cords
3-2 prong adapters
Shared Items — Plan for these with roommate(s) 
Audio equipment
TV /DVD player
Coffeemaker/ hot pot/ electric hot water kettle, if allowed

mini crock pot or microwave rice cooker/ pasta cooker
       Microwave (if not provided in room
       Small refrigerator (if not provided in room)
Area rug and seating / storage ottoman
       Posters/ art

Room Needs/Storage (See the size/layout of room before buying some of these items.)
Bedside lamp (clip-on may work best)
Desk lamp
Alarm clock/clock radio
Mini trash can
Storage bins, storage cart with drawers, bookshelf 
Under-the-bed storage trays
       Curtain and tension rod (if closet doesn't have a door you can create one!)
Fan (unless room is air conditioned)
Drying racks for laundry
        Over door towel/ drying rack
Bulletin board and pushpins
Dry-erase wall calendar/board
Mini toolkit (including screwdriver, hammer, wrench, measuring tape)
Picture hangers (double-sided tape for concrete walls)
       Air freshener 
Poster Sticky tack / 3M hooks /  command strips 
Filing cabinet/ trunk or something that locks.
Food/ Housekeeping Items 
Paper towels
Trash bags (Some large and some to line wastepaper can)
Plastic storage bags
Food-storage containers
All-purpose cleaner and dust rag
hand soap dispenser (If there is a sink in your room!)
Dish soap
Sponge and cloth for drying dishes
Disinfectant wipes
1 or 2 bowls, plates and cups
1 or 2 coffee mugs
Water bottle
Silverware (just one or a few sets of fork, knife and spoon) 
Can/bottle opener, sharp knife, small cutting board
coffee filters
       chip clips or clothes pins

Some ideas for dorm room snacks and microwaveable food items:
lemonade mix, tea, coffee, hot chocolate
steel cut oats, pasta, rice, easy mac, potatoes (can be microwaved)
baked goods from home :)
Peanut butter
salt, pepper, oil
crackers, granola bars, beef jerky

Toiletries and Shower Items
Shower caddy / tote
Shower shoes (flip-flops)
Shampoo and conditioner
Body gel or bath and face soap, travel soap container
Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss
       Toothbrush holder (Especially if room has a sink)
Hairstyling products
Hair dryer/straightener/curling iron
Razor and shaving cream
Lotion and/or facial moisturizer
Cotton swabs
Nail clippers
       Glasses and Sunglasses 
       Contacts, contact lens solution and case
                 Dental retainer

Medicine/ First Aid
Pain/ fever relievers (i.e. tylenol, motrin, aspirin)
Antidiarrheal medicine
Cough drops
Adhesive bandages, elastic "ACE" wrap
hydrocortisone cream
antibiotic ointment such as Bacitracin or Neosporin
Prescription medications
bug spray

Under garmets  – 2 week supply (Who wants to do laundry every week?!)
Socks – 2 week supply 
Pajamas or sleepwear
Robe (It can be a long walk down the hall to the shower!)
Slippers and/or flip-flops
Pants / jeans / shorts
Shirts / blouses / t-shirts / long sleeved t-shirts / sweaters
Sweat pants and sweatshirts, yoga pants, active wear
Light/heavy jackets (raincoats, fleece …)
Gloves /scarf /hat (and other foul-weather gear as needed)
1 pair of boots (snow or rain boots, depending on local climate)
2 pairs of sneakers or comfortable/walking shoes
1 or 2 sets of business-casual/ formal clothes 
1 pair of dress shoes
1 swimsuit (& goggles, etc)

Luggage: backpack, carry-on, duffle bag or suitcase, trunk
Sports equipment (skis, bike, helmets, …)
       Sleeping bag
Musical instruments 
First aid kit
Mini sewing kit and safety pins
Flash light
Prescriptions for medications, glasses, contacts (filled and written down)
Daily planner / calendar
       Playing cards and / or board games
       Favorite books ( Small amount as time and space will be limited!)
Check book and bank info and debit card
Driver’s license, auto insurance card
Passport and Social security # card
Health insurance card
Health history information
Family/ friend contact information
Doctor/ dentist/ eye doctor / physical therapist etc. contact information
A favorite stuffed animal
Knickknacks and posters (Remember that space is limited!)
Photo CD, photos on computer and/or prints/ posters of family/friends
Have these things easily available for arrival:
       University Information and Admission information paperwork, 
       Map/directions to campus and a map of campus.

I haven't published much on this blog this summer, as I've been taking a break to spend time with my family. 

If I published this list after you have already sent your freshman off to college, I do apologize to have not supplied it before you packed. You may still find this list helpful, though. 

If you see an item on it that your child might have forgotten, I'm sure they'd love to receive a package in the mail! Or, sign them up for a membership to Amazon Prime. It won't take up any packing room. With it, your kid can order practically anything they forgot, and two-day shipping is free! (For details, click ad:)

What have I forgotten? 
Is there anything which you would add to this list?

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