Monday, May 19, 2014

An Organized Photo Collection - I WISH!

At this time a year ago,  I was making a photo collage of my daughter for her high school graduation party.  I spent hours rooting through boxes and files on my computer, to find the photos I knew I had somewhere.

Lately, I have been spending time searching those same boxes and files for pictures to accompany articles and blog posts I have written.

Just part of my photo collection!

Perhaps the time has come to finally get my photo collection more organized ... doing so would surely would help me make better use of my future moments!

I am officially committing to having this done before my son graduates in 2016.

Please hold me accountable!

What are some of your suggestions of how to organize a photo collection? 


  1. As a former Creative Memories consultant and lover of scrapbooking, I should be better at this. Right now I have everything organized chronologically, but it's still hard to find what I want most days. I also wish I had left pictures on the computer - once I print them, I had been deleting them. Now that I'm blogging, I'm having to find pictures and scan them. Wastes so much time! If you come up with something better, let me know.

    1. Years ago I purchased 2 tower “bookcases” which held photo boxes (fancy shoeboxes). These worked pretty well to store photos in envelopes chronologically. Then they fill up ...


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