Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Caged Bird Sang - and Flew Free. Farewell Maya Angelou.

I just learned that Maya Angelou died this morning, at the age of 86.

Our slightly dog-eared copy of this book by Maya Angelou.

Her legacy is long.
  • Teacher. 
  • Poet. 
  • Author. 
  • A survivor of childhood violence. 
  • An activist, and an advocate for tolerance and peace.
  • A silenced child, whose adult voice was both eloquent and unforgettable.
  • A writer of words that have been quoted and read by many. 
I never had the privilege of meeting Ms. Angelou, but many of us know all of the above about her.  I'm sure those who were her friends and family would make this list of accolades much longer.

According to CBS News, during a Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony at the White House in 2005, Maya read one of her poems that included these words: 

  • “Rising high, high above me...a constant call up from misery, leaving behind nights of terror and fear I rise into daybreak miraculously clear. I still rise.”

Rise Maya Rise.

You have left our world a better place. Thank you for your fine words and the role model you have been.  We will miss you.


  1. So sad to hear this. She lived a very full life, and you are right, she was definitely a role model to all of us.

    1. It took me by surprise when I read about it this morning. I was researching for another post I was writing for today - but put that aside when I saw this news.

  2. Beautiful tribute for a beautiful soul, human and woman! She leaves us with a handprint in society as a reminder that we all have a voice and the ability to use it for good purposes!

    1. Thanks for commenting Marisa. I agree - now we just need to carry out her legacy.


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