Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Seven Ways to make the Most of a Moment - Week 3

Life is made up of many moments.  
Getting the very most out of your life starts with how you use each one. 

Here are this week’s suggestions:

1.  Next time someone in your family is traveling without you, put a little note of love or encouragement in their suitcase.

2.  Make someone a birthday cake. Even if it is lopsided, it will show how much you care!

3.  Remember to take your pets to the Vet to get their vaccinations done on time.

4.  Prepare a tasty snack for your kids and their friends, here's one to try: A Split-Second, Super-Easy Snack.

Get up early enough to watch the sun rise - and take time to appreciate it!

6.  If a book has been made into a movie, try to read the book first.  I loved Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.

7.  The movie Frozen is a must-see, but be prepared to get the tunes stuck in your head!

How are you getting the most out of all your moments?
  If you share your ideas in a comment, I might include them in a future list!
(I'll be sure to credit you, and your blog if you have one, if I do.) 

10/4/14  NOTE: The original link for A Split-Second, Super-Easy Snack no longer exists. It has been updated to link to a post on this blog, where my recipe has been published.


  1. Susan-
    Thanks for visiting my very new blog. I hopped over to check out yours and I love it! I will be back to read more. I really like this idea you have of making the most of every moment, because it is so important in this crazy world we live in. I agree - the book is always better than the movie! Looking forward to getting to know more about you.

    1. Hi Lana,
      Thanks so much for your positive comments about my blog! I'm looking forward to your next post on yours, and getting to know you better too!

    2. PS. Lana - I'm following you now on Bloglovin'! It seems a good way to keep up with the posts of all the blogs I'm interested in!

  2. Who knew, I do many of these. I would add to stop what you are doing sometimes and take a moment to really look around you and see what is going on in that moment around you. I do this a lot and will catch some of the most special moments I would have totally missed otherwise. Love the positive message of your blog :)

    1. Thanks for your good idea. I know what you mean. How many times do we get up early, but forget to take a minute to actually look out the window and really appreciate the sunrise?! Thanks for visiting and for letting me know that you like my blog. I really have enjoyed visiting yours…and just discovered your wonderful children's book!

  3. I am all about making the most of your time. Not rushing through life, but using time wisely to appreciate all the wonderful things in life. I enjoy getting up really early to savor the beginning of the day! I have Frozen on my list, but have yet to see it. I hear it is awesome!

    1. Thanks for commenting! What I love, is that we are in the season when the days are getting longer, so we can enjoy them more in the mornings and the evenings! :)


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