Friday, April 11, 2014

Words to Live By - Week 3

The cover of one of my notepads suggests ways we should live more and live less.  Inspired by this message, (on Friday, March 28th, 2014) I wrote a post about "Words to Live By."  I have decided to make weekly updates to this post, until I start repeating myself!  I promise each weekly update will contain more information than just the five new phrases though!

Readers are invited to use the comment section below, if they have new ideas of "words to live by" which would complete the phrase _____________ more. ______________ less."
(Any time I use an idea that is not mine, I will credit the contributor and their blog, if they have one.  Just keep it family friendly, please!)

Here are the ideas for this week:

Give more. Take less.
Sleep more.  Stay up late less.
Eat healthy foods more.  Eat junk food less.
Smile more.  Frown less.
Wash hands more. Get sick less.

Good hand washing is the number one way to stop the spread of infection!  During flu season, or if someone in your family is immunocompromised, you might even consider providing disposable individual towels (or paper towels) to be used.

By the way, I only ran the water a few seconds for this photo, so it wasn't very wasteful!   Click on the link in the photo caption for a tutorial on correct hand hygiene from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). 

And yes, the hand-prints in the photo were made by one of my children years ago!

Just as a reminder --

Here is the list of phrases from previous posts: 

Love more. Fight less.
Enjoy more. Complain less.
Believe more. Doubt less.
Relax more. Worry less.

Play more. Work less. 

Praise more. Criticize less.
Read more.  Waste time less.
Promote equality more. Oppress less.

Exercise more. Eat less. 
Conserve more. Pollute less. 

Laugh more. Stress less. (“Anonymous”)

Listen more. Talk less.  (“Anonymous”)
Be brave more.  Fear less.
Donate more. Hoard less.
Achieve more.  Procrastinate less.

This notepad is from the Eccolo World Traveler "Lofty Thinking" collection.  The author of the words is unknown.

Many thanks to any readers who take the time to comment.

I'm trying to live more, not less.  How about you?  
What suggestions do you have?


  1. Wow wonderful and inspiration words

    1. Glad you think so! Maybe eventually the list will grow enough to be able to select the best phrases and create a "Top Ten Words to Live By" List! :)

  2. Wag more. Bark less. My dog Abby came up with those words, but I think they could apply to humans too :) Great idea for a post. The words are simple but they have such meaning. Have a great weekend! P.S. I added you to my "Blogs I Read" list.

    1. Oh, my gosh! I once bought a pin with those words on it, and had it on a backpack until it fell off. You have one smart dog! I didn't even think of the phrase in this content! You will definitely see it in a future post, with credits to Two Teens and Their Mama - and Abby!
      Thanks for adding me to your blog list Lana - you are on mine too! I'm looking forward to watching our blogs grow, learning from each other and getting to know you better!


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