Friday, April 4, 2014

Words to Live By - Week 2

My post last Friday (March 28, 2014) was about "Words to Live By."

The inspiration for that post came from five phrases on a notepad cover, suggesting ways to live more and less.

This notepad is from the Eccolo World Traveler "Lofty Thinking" collection.
(I don't know who was the original author of these words - if anyone does, I would love to credit them!)

Last week, I added five more suggestions of my own, and I asked readers if they had other ideas to contribute to the list.

Love more. Fight less.
Enjoy more. Complain less.
Believe more. Doubt less.
Relax more. Worry less.
Play more. Work less. 

Praise more. Criticize less.
Read more.  Waste time less.  
Promote equality more. Oppress less.

Exercise more. Eat less.  
Conserve more. Pollute less. 

I have decided to continue to create this list weekly for a while - as long as there are ideas still to add!  After each week's post, I will update the "Words to Live By" page on this blog with the new phrases. 

Here are this week's additions:

Laugh more. Stress less. (“Anonymous”)
Listen more. Talk less.  (“Anonymous”)
Bravery more.  Fear less.
Donate more. Hoard less.
Achieve more.  Procrastinate less.

The first two of this week's ideas came from a comment posted by (“Anonymous”.)
Please add a comment on this post with any new ideas you have for this list.  (It's easy - just click on comments below!) If I use your idea, I'll be sure to credit you (and your blog if you have one).   

I'm trying to live more - not less.  How about you?


  1. After reading this post, I moved down the page of your blog and read your "Mangos, Canteloupe..." April 3rd entry, and thought of this addition for your list:

    Eat more fruits and vegetables / Eat less meat -- Feel healthier and be happy to know you are helping the planet!

    Thanks for all your great ideas to make every moment matter!

    1. Great suggestion Anonymous! I like the idea of it being such a win - win for humans and the planet! Thanks for stopping by, and for your positive comment about this blog!


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