Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seven Ways to Make the Most of a Moment - Week 5

I can't believe this is my fifth week of writing this post!  The moments are really flying by!

Life is made up of many moments.  
Getting the very most out of your life starts with how you use each one. 

Here are this week’s suggestions:

(In honor of Earth Day, there is an environmental theme to these.)

1.  Today is Earth Day!  I was reminded of this in a post by Elle, on her blog All Around The Circle.  She provided some interesting information about Earth Day, and even a link to an Earth Day button to purchase.  I like the message on the button: "EARTH DAY, EVERY DAY."  Start an Earth friendly habit today (such as turning out the lights when you are the last to leave a room), and be mindful of that habit every day.  I think I will take Elle's challenge, and try to come up with an upcycled, repurposed, or recycled craft ... it might even be the subject of a future blog post!

Deer enjoying one of the trees we planted.

2.  Plant a tree.  These few moments of labor (or even hiring someone else to plant it for you) will have long-term results!  I can't believe how big the trees we planted around our house just over a decade ago have gotten.  They add beauty, a home for birds and wildlife, and shade.  Check with your local nursery about best times to plant and the most optimal trees to grow in your area.

3.Do some reading about the environment:  One book that comes immediately to mind:
  • An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore.  Whether you are in agreement or a skeptic of climate change, before you form an opinion, this is a book to read.

4. Here are two movies I enjoyed, which would be perfect for an Earth Day movie night:
  •  March of the Penguins  -  I can't decide if the scenery or the penguins are the biggest  star of this National Geographic movie.
  •  Erin Brockovich  - This movie was based on true environmental legal issues, and had me on the edge of my seat.

5.  Use a refillable water bottle.  It only takes a minute to fill up, and every time you do so there is one less piece of plastic waste on Earth.

6.  Use public transportation, or carpool when you can.

7. Get out and see the world!  The more beautiful places I visit, the more I realize just how precious our one and only Earth is!  Everywhere I go, if I pay attention to  my surroundings, I am reminded that EVERY DAY should be Earth day.

Our Earth is such a beautiful place!!

How do you celebrate Earth Day?


  1. Pretty pictures. Love the deer by the tree.

    1. Thanks Lana. Deer are frequent visitors and we enjoy them - although it does make growing things a challenge!


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