Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Wash Really Tiny Items in Your Dishwasher

 Have you ever wanted to wash some tiny items in the dishwasher,but were afraid they would end up lying on the bottom of the dishwasher because they are so small? I'm pretty sure you can buy a basket to place them in, but I don't own one.
One day, when I wanted to "sterilize" a few little things in the dishwasher, I decided to improvise.  I created a basket that worked so well, it is all I have used since.  And the best news is that it was free.
Here is how,in just a few minutes, you can make your own dishwasher basket for tiny items to be cleaned:
I used this homemade dishwasher basket to clean some small vials without them scattering through my dishwasher.

Supplies needed:
  • 2 plastic strawberry baskets
  • plastic coated wire, such as the sturdy plastic twist ties used to hold items in place inside hard plastic packaging 

Directions (really easy!):
  • Place items  you wish to wash in the dishwasher in the bottom of one of the baskets.
  • Invert the second basket and use it as a lid, stuffing it down into the bottom basket.  This may necessitate crunching it a little, or even cutting apart one of the baskets a bit. 
  • Weave the metal ties loosely around two baskets, fastening them together.  Twist the ends together where they meet to secure them.  Just be sure there is not any large enough gaps for an item to fall out.
  • Place this covered basket in the top rack.  Poking one of the dishwasher "spokes" through the basket to help hold it in place. 
  • Run the dishwasher as usual.
  • Unload dishwasher when done.  unfasten and remove the twist ties; remove your items.
  • If any items filled with water, drip dry upside down, or dry them with a towel. 
  • If desired, save your new dishwasher basket, and reuse as needed, by repeating the above steps.

I just realized I may have fulfilled the promise I made in Tuesday's post (4/22/14) to come up with a repurposed and recycled craft.  I actually even made this before I knew about the challenge Elle issued on her All Around the Circle blog! I guess it is maybe more of a project than a craft - but hopefully that's ok!

Have you ever made a craft from recycled materials?

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  1. Hola! I am stopping by from the UBP14 party (actually stopping by from Honduras). If I had a dishwasher this would be a fantastic idea. However I am the dishwasher. I really like this post and you have some really good ideas! Looking forward to more posts :)

    1. Thanks Rikaine! I am so glad you like my posts, and excited to have a reader from Honduras! I enjoy your blog as well!

  2. Great idea! This would be perfect for moms wanting to sterilize bottle parts and pacifiers too.

    1. Good idea Lana - I think I may have actually purchased something similar when my kids were babies- but it has long since disappeared, and I ended up improvising with this!

  3. Thanks for linking up with the Creative ReUse Link-Up! This is a great idea! Perfect for all of those little parts that go in sippy cups too!

    1. Thanks for the opportunity! And yes - good for sippy cups and all sorts of things - as long as the parts are not small enough to fit through the weave of the basket.


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