Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's Spring, But Ski Season Isn't Over Everywhere Just Yet!

In much of North America, this has felt like the winter without an end.  Many people have become tired of snow and cold temperatures.  Spring just hasn't come quickly enough.

Except, perhaps, for skiers.

Lone Peak, Big Sky Resort, Montana

This week marks the end of ski season at some ski resorts.  You and your family may be heading out for one last chance to ski before next winter.  Spring skiing can be a pleasant experience, with sunny skies and warmer temperatures than during the winter months.  It still takes some planning though, to be sure you have the appropriate attire and gear.

In January, I had an article published on Yahoo Voices called, “How to Dress For Skiing So You Are Warm, Comfortable and Safe.”  I'm mentioning it now, as it might be a helpful reference* for anyone planning one last ski trip this year.  Be especially sure to remember the sunscreen!

Whatever your plans this weekend, be safe and have fun!

What time of year to you prefer to ski?  Do you have a favorite place to go?

*10/4/14 NOTE: The link to the article mentioned does not currently work, as the site it was published on is no longer in existence.  I apologize for this inconvenience, and when I republish it this winter, I will update the link.


  1. For some reason, my family never wants to go spring skiing with me. Even if the snow is still good, by April they want to golf, etc. Maybe if i show them this I'll change their mind :)

    1. I like skiing best when there is lots of sunshine and warm temperatures!


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