Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You’d Be Surprised What Goes On Behind-the-Scenes

In honor of this blog being two months old, I'm providing a glimpse of this blogger at work.

The other day, my son picked up my camera and said, “Mom, don't move.” He took this photo: 

This is how we write this blog

Routinely, I can be found balancing on the front part of the chair at our computer - while the cat lounges in the back half. He seems to believe it is his chair.  It would make sense for me to just push him off and settle back. This would be much better for my posture! That thought, for some reason though, rarely occurs.  Perhaps because I know that in a matter of moments, the cat will just be back.

When my son pointed the camera in my direction, I assumed he just wanted to document this absurd inconvenience I endure.  It wasn't until he showed me this photo that I became aware that the cat had also assumed a ridiculous pose!  I'm not sure what possessed him to prop himself up this way - I certainly didn't encourage it.  It is hard to say which of us was less comfortable. I wonder how many other times he has draped himself over the arm of the chair this way without me knowing.

Don't you wonder what he is thinking?


  1. This is so great! I love cats - wish we could have one, but my husband is allergic. It's funny that your son took a picture of you blogging - my 16 year old did that last week too!

    1. I wonder what our sons would say to each other about their moms’ new time-consuming blogging passion?! I think we are living parallel blogging lives Lana!
      By-the-way - my husband has always had a cat allergy. Apparently though, there are different kinds of cat dander, and he does not seem to be affected by ours :)

  2. His expression seems to say, "I'm bored! When are we going to play?" :-)

    1. Very possibly - although, he is not a subtle cat, and if he wants to play, he usually just starts nipping at me!

  3. He's so cute! My kitty does the same thing (and I let her get away with it!) I guess the back of the chair must be the most cozy.


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