Friday, April 24, 2015

Arbor Day - the History, a Project and a Quiz.

Happy Arbor Day!

The Latin word for tree

Did you ever wonder how Arbor Day got it's name? It is simple, really - Arbor means tree in Latin, and Arbor Day is all about celebrating trees. 


History of Arbor Day

The first formal Arbor Day holiday was observed in 1872. The Nebraska State Board of
Agriculture, prompted by journalist and environmental enthusiast Julius Sterling Morton, “set aside one day to plant trees, both forest and fruit.” Over a million trees were planted in Nebraska during the first Arbor Day, and it is an occasion now celebrated annually in every state in the United States. Countries all over the world celebrate, plant, and care for trees. (Information source:

We must have trees!

Fire, drought, pine beetles, and other threats to our forests and trees make it more important than ever for us to care for existing trees and plant others. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “To exist as a nation, to prosper as a state, and to live as a people, we must have trees.”

quote, Arbor Day

My Arbor Day Project

A few years ago I planted a small seedling, just a few inches tall, that I received for a donation to the Arbor Foundation. It is now a healthy little pine tree over a foot tall. The Arbor Foundation recommended planting it in a sheltered site, by the side of a building for protection. This clearly gave it a good start, but it is much too close the wall of our house for when it grows tall.  I am hopeful that I can successfully transplant it to a better location, and that it will thrive. Doing so seems to be the perfect Arbor Day project, so that is my plan for today!

Which tree should you be for Arbor Day?

I don't usually participate in personality quizzes on Facebook, but this one, created by KUSA Denver, and published by Play Buzz seems appropriate and fun for today.

According to the quiz, I am a Blue Spruce.  

Which tree are you? Find out by clicking the “Let’s Play” bar below, and answering the questions of the quiz. 

Do you have any plans to celebrate Arbor Day? 

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  1. I am an Aspen tree! I love trees and we have lots and lots around here...well I love it until we get storms like we got over the weekend, then not so much haha!

    1. An Aspen - I think that suits you perfectly Rena! They are beautiful trees with a lovely voice when the wind moves their leaves.

  2. No surprise, Susan -- I'm a Blue Spruce, too! :) Wish we could go on a hike together! They are one of my favorite trees as they are beautiful all year round!

    1. It would be nice if we were in the same forrest Sally!

  3. I'm an Aspen too! Another thing Rena and I have in common. Such a great post Susan!

    1. Blue Spruce and Aspen compliment each other well ... no wonder we get along :)

  4. As it turns out I am a Blue Spruce.

  5. Aspen! Grinned when I read you and Sally were both blue spruce. Great post Susan!

    1. Thanks Kelly. We are not the same trees - but would co-exist nicely in a forest! :)


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