Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Perfect Match

Yesterday, on National Tell a Story Day, I wrote a sequel to a fiction story I published about a month ago. Part I of the story was created using a Words for Wednesday challenge, so I decided to use word prompts to create this part as well.  

The main character of my story is Mindy, a compulsive shopper and hoarder of cleaning products. You can read Part I, “Cleaning Products Don't Work Unless You Use Them” by clicking here.

When we left off, Mindy had given up trying to adhere to her self-imposed shopping restrictions regarding the purchase of cleaning items. She had even come up with a scheme to justify her actions. Today, we catch up with her five months after she had that epiphany.

“Do NOT put that there.” Mindy stopped the delivery man as he started to set down the box he had just carried in to her new office.  “How do you think I will be able to close the door?”

“But - where should I put it? There just doesn't seem anywhere else for it to go.”  The young man looked bewildered and a little stunned, as he looked around the room that was stacked from floor to
ceiling with boxes.

Mindy glanced around.  She had moved a wardrobe from her apartment to the office when she first rented the space, saying she would use it for office supplies. In truth, it had just been an attempt to free up more space in her bedroom. 

“Put it on top of the cabinet - if you stand on that chair you should be able to reach.”  Realizing he would be more inclined to be helpful if she was polite, she softened her command with the word “please” and a pleading look.  He complied and then departed hastily.

Mindy's plan had seemed infallible.  She had reasoned that she could continue to buy cleaning products, as long as she sold two for every new one that she purchased.  She had been sure she could reduce the number of items in her apartment, improve her finances with these actions, and continue to experience the immense feeling of satisfaction that her shopping actions always produced.

It had started out well.  The expensive face cleansers and and detergents she had put up for sale on E-bay at bargain prices sold quickly.  Encouraged, she had been sure she could turn this venture into a business. She rented office space, and even created a website to help market the items.

Rather than prolonging the time between her shopping binges however, these sales seemed to intensify her craving to shop.  She no longer got the good feeling she used to have after purchasing a small item like shampoo.  Suddenly she felt she must buy big, expensive things.  Power washers, vacuums, and carpet shampooing machines were being delivered almost daily.  

Mindy had been true to her promise and sold two things for every purchase. Small things (like soap and scrub brushes) were the easiest items for her to part with, but they just didn't free up equivalent amounts of space or money compared to the items she was buying. Before long, not just her apartment, but her new office had become stuffed with items. 

Mindy sold most of her furniture in the apartment, to free up a bit more space for the boxes and as an attempt to offset the cost of her cleaning item purchases. Instead of her antique wooden table, she now balanced her meals on a box; instead of her bed, she slept on a chaise lounge.

Driving back to her apartment later that afternoon, Mindy thought about where her short red skirt and cute black sandals might be. They would be the perfect thing to wear to the picnic that afternoon. She might not have enough time to look for them though, as even finding her clothes scattered amidst all the stuff had become a challenge. 

The invitation to the picnic had come from her friend Barb, who had indicated an attractive, single man had also been invited. Mindy had known Barb a long time, and it was unlike her to act as a matchmaker. Mindy had therefore been quite surprised when Barb seemed to be trying to spark her interest in the guest by telling her casually that he was a doctor. She had even mentioned his specialty, psychiatry.

It had been a while since the breakup with her last boyfriend, and Mindy hoped to make a good impression. After all, Barb seemed to think they were the perfect match. 

wardrobe, infallible, chaise, prolonged, inclined, picnic

Why do you think Barb wanted Mindy to meet the man coming to the party? 
Will they get along?

The characters and events in this story are totally fictitious.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for asking - assuming this is just a typo and you mean part 3. Well - perhaps!

  2. Susan, you have such a talent for writing fiction! Poor Mindy - she's got a serious problem. I hope there will be at part 3 to this story and we find out about the psychiatrist - and that he's more than just a love connection!

    1. Thanks for the compliment Lana! And yes - poor, poor Mindy. Sounds like maybe I better get busy with part 3 :)

  3. This is so fun! Great writing. I'm waiting for the next instalment. And can you ever tell a story!

    1. Wow - I suspect the compliments in these comments are just flattery - but they are making me feel good! I love to write fiction, so it is nice to think that you are enjoying reading it!

  4. A sense an intervention on the horizon.

  5. I agree with Delores. Barb realizes that Mindy has a real problem and needs help. I think the good doctor will have to be pretty tricky to get to her and make her like him before he can help her. Good writing, Susan. I love it. I actually know people like Mindy. Makes me want to come home and get rid of stuff after visiting them. Just for a few minutes, though!!!

    1. As I was writing this Lynn, I was hoping people did not think I was like Mindy ... after all, I did just post about needing to declutter my closet! I have more belongings than I really need, but there is room to put them all away! Even still - thinking about clutter does make a person want to purge!


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