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Five Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

First - some exciting news.  Well, at least I am excited about it!  This blog - the most - of every moment  is One-Year-Old tomorrow!

very first blog post
A snap-shot of my first blog post! To read it, click here.

My "Blogiversary" has been sort of on my mind lately, but I had an “aha moment” about it today! While thinking about St Patrick's Day coming up next week, I realized that I have already written a post about that holiday!!  It was one of my earliest posts, but WOW - I truly have been blogging for a year!

When my children were small and had birthdays, people would ask me what to give to them.  I always felt a little uncomfortable about providing any ideas. It feels a little awkward now as well, but just in case anyone is wondering about a birthday present for my blog  - I have an suggestion!

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That's enough about my blog's first birthday until tomorrow.  In the meantime (today being my 365th day of blogging)  I am simply going to update that earlier post about St. Patrick's day!

When writing that post nearly a year ago, I provided a link to a St. Patrick's Day article I wrote for Yahoo Voices.  Since Yahoo Voices is no longer in existence, I am sharing that information again here, and linking it back to my original blog post. You can read the rest of the original post right here.

I originally intended these St. Patrick's Day suggestions for families with kids  - but people of any age could enjoy at least some of them.


Enjoy Family Time on St. Patrick's Day - Whether You Are Irish or Not

People in many countries, not all of Irish descent, recognize and celebrate March 17th as St. Patrick's Day. The acronym I R I S H  represents five ways to make this holiday meaningful and fun for your children.

St Patrick's Day projects

Irish Cuisine - Eat meals with an Irish theme on St. Patrick's Day 
  • Lucky Charms cereal (especially if you need something quick), or Irish Porridge (made with steel cut oats) could make your kid's cereal bowls seem like a pot of gold.

Research - Help your kids make some discoveries about St. Patrick's Day 
Read about the origin, customs and traditions of St. Patrick's Day with your kids.
  • Check some books out of the library to read together, and show them how to use the Internet to find out some interesting St. Patrick's Day facts. 
  • Explore your family history and determine just how Irish you really are!

Introduce your kids to Irish music and dance 
  • Bagpipe 
  • Fife and Drum 
  • Highland Dance. 
Who knows - your child might just have an undiscovered talent for one of these. March 17th can be a day when you introduce them to these types of instruments, music and dance.

Save the Planet: Don't just wear green - act green! 
Tradition says everyone Irish should wear green on March 17th, or risk being pinched. This day could also be an opportunity to start a different sort of "green" tradition. Make a family commitment to start acting green. Websites such as A Billion Acts of Green offer lots of ideas.

Here are just a few to get you started:

  • composting and recycling
  • turning lights off every time you leave the room 
  • plan to plant a tree. 
  •  Eat less meat 
  •  Turn down your water heater
Have Fun - Mystify your kids with some leprechaun magic 
When my kids were small, they were sure a leprechaun had visited our house.
I got the gallon of milk out of the fridge for their cereal on the morning of the 17th and the milk was green. Mom would surely never have added food coloring to an entire gallon of milk - an Irish elf must have done it!
Children grow up quickly. Celebrating holidays such as St. Patrick's Day can provide a way to start some fun family traditions and create wonderful childhood memories.

St. Patrick's Day is Tuesday, March 17, 2015.  Don't forget to wear green!

Blog, one year, blogiversary

Now, I'm off to plan a birthday party - or at least a blogiversary post! Be sure to stop by tomorrow!

Is today your first day of reading this blog - or when did you first visit here?

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  1. Happy Blogaversary.....may you blog many more years.

    1. Thanks for this comment Delores, and for all of your comments, Words for Wednesday, and support over this past year!

  2. Echoing Delores here.
    And yes, to going green. One of my favourite colours.

    1. Thanks EC! I love that St Patrick's Day is now associated with the reminder of going green!

  3. I'm so proud of you for reaching the one year mark. I know how much hard work and effort you have put into your blog, and it shows. Thanks for all the St. Patrick's Day fun! I'm going to try the crock pot corned beef recipe - looks delicious!

    1. Corned beef will be cooking from that recipe here as well next week! Your 1 year anniversary is coming up soon as well Lana - so glad we have shared this venture together!

  4. Saint Patrick's Day is a huge celebration in our house. He's even named Patrick! And with the last name of McDaniel his is mostly definitely as Irish as they come. The funny thing is he rarely ever drinks alcohol and he's sound asleep after 2 beers!

    1. Happy St Patrick's day ... to you - and Patrick!! “Luck of the Irish” to you Rena!

  5. The corned beef recipe turned out great. After I removed it from the crock pot, I added a glaze made from brown sugar, Dijon mustard, cloves, and honey. Then I roasted it for about 40 minutes. It was yummy!

    1. What a great idea to add those next steps! I am going to try it that way next time too!!


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