Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Abundance of Kale and A Messy Green Smoothie!

Impulsive Purchases.

Have you ever gone to a big box store, and made an impulsive purchase? A large quantity of something that you later realized there was no way your family could consume before it spoiled?  Usually, I am pretty good at sticking to my list - but last week I gave in to the temptation of buying a huge bag of kale and a crate of mangos.

Time to try a Green Smoothie.

I decided to use my abundance of produce to create some healthy things for my family - and to come up with some recipes for blog posts!  I have never had a green smoothie, but I decided to try to make one. 

green smoothie, recipe, healthy

Aside from a kitchen disaster, and a little concern about the texture - it turned out rather well...

Kale and Fruit Smoothie

Printable Recipe: Click here.

2 cups washed, chopped kale
1 banana, frozen
1 cup mango pieces
2 kiwis
1 1/2 cups orange juice
1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt
2 TBSP honey

ingredients, recipe, smoothie

  1. Peel fruit. 
  2. Check to be sure blender is put together correctly and seal is in place 
  3. Add all of the above ingredients into a blender. *
  4. Blend well until smooth.
  5. Wash the floor
kale, fruit, blended

What a mess!

Things were going well, until I decided I needed better lighting for my photos.  I carried the blender across the room  - and then realized I had dripped my way across the entire kitchen.  Ugh! 

Kale smoothie, recipe

I won't mention any names, (I suppose it could have even been me!) but someone put the blender back together incorrectly the last time it was used. The seal was not working. 
(Note: I added Step 2 in the recipe so you can avoid Step 5 (Wash the floor)! 

I did get some photos of the preparation process, though not quite the shots I wanted. I took the finished smoothie outside to take a picture of it, to avoid including the mess I had created in my photos - and then I washed the kitchen floor! 

smoothie, recipe,

I really liked the flavor of this smoothie - but I'm not quite sure I got the texture right though.  There were still a lot of little bits of kale that had not pureed, that stuck to my teeth after I drank a glassful! Not sure if my blender was just not powerful enough, or if all green smoothies are this texture? 

I still had a lot of kale left!

The bag of kale still looked like I had hardly touched it. Later this week I will be writing about what I did with the rest of the kale - and the mangos! I hope you stop back and check out the recipes!

A question for Green Smoothie Experts: 
Do I need another blender? 
Or do they always leave green pieces in your teeth?!

* 5-14-15  UPDATE: I just learned a trick from Domestically Speaking that might make the texture smoother: First blend the kale with the orange juice, (until the kale becomes quite fine) and then add your other ingredients and continue blending.  


  1. The lengths we have to go to just for a great blog post haha! I haven't tried one either but I have a rule against "green" things! Just can't do it! Great pictures though.

    1. Maybe add some food coloring ?! (Wink, wink!)

  2. Actually sounds yummy, although I too like Rena have a mental block on "green". Maybe i'll close my eyes...

    1. I was actually surprised - it really tasted mostly just like the fruit... it took me a while to adjust to the idea of drinking green leafy things before I got brave enough to make one! I have some arthritis from an old fracture, so I am trying to eat more anti-inflammatory foods - and thought this might be a good start!

  3. Delicious! My daughter told me that I must blend up the green stuff first, then add the rest. Who knew?

    1. GREAT idea Diane! I am definitely going to try that !

  4. We have a high powered Ninja blender, and even that leaves small pieces behind! I haven't tried a smoothie with kale before, but spinach ends up the same way. Thanks for the yummy recipe - I'll give it a try!

    1. Good to know - perhaps it isn't the blender then. I think I will try Diane's idea of blending up the leaves first.

  5. I suspect there may always be bits... but would be happy to be proved wrong.
    When my mother first got her mix-master she dropped raspberries and cream in it, and hit high. We washed the walls as well as the floor and the concoction she made was always referred to as raspberry splat.
    Mmmm mangoes. When my partner has bought trays of them I have made chutney of any that I didn't just gobble.

    1. Raspberry splat sounds better in a glass than on the walls!!! That makes my mess sound pretty minor! Mango chutney would be excellent!

  6. We appreciate the extra trouble you went to for those lovely photos.

    1. Thanks Delores .... but pretty sure they would have been just as good if the blender had not leaked!

  7. We've have smoothies almost every morning for breakfast. We have put spinach in before but I don't remember getting it in my teeth. Blueberry seeds are our problem. It really looks nice to have a big black seed between your teeth! I have also used a juicer with greens and there are no pieces in that but also no fiber. I got stuck with one of those big bags of kale before, too. I am just not that fond of it. I believe we threw out most of it! we have a Kitchenaid blender which is pretty good. It's getting pretty old but is still going.

    1. From what Lana said, it doesn't seem to be an issue with the blender. I am going to try Diane's suggestion and blend up the kale first next time. And I know what you mean about seeds in your teeth!

    2. We use Kashi in our smoothies also so they are always a big "grainy" in texture.


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