Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Food, Family and Football. Way to Go, Buckeyes!

A family of Buckeyes

I married into a football family.  An Ohio State University football family from Ohio, to be exact.  I had never really experienced football fever until the first time I watched a Buckeye football game with them. This was serious stuff!

My children were taught the Ohio State Fight Song at an early age, and have always owned some form of OSU attire.

Almost a quarter century after that first game, I still haven't developed much desire to watch men tackle and potentially hurt each other. I just have no understanding of it. However, I am interested in the outcome of the games ... especially the important ones.  I know the occupants of my house are much happier when the Buckeyes win.

No distractions allowed

Last night, there was just a small group in front of our television, watching the first ever College Football National Championship game. Only extremely serious football fans who could be completely focused on the game were invited.  A party atmosphere would have been distracting.  Some food was laid out, but unobtrusively.

I joined the group for a while, but I could tell my comments were not really appreciated, as is usually the case. Apparently it is irritating if I ask the score, because it is actually displayed in a corner of the screen. And no one ever wants to explain the rules.  So, after a bit I went back upstairs.

Which was okay, because I still needed to frost the Buckeye cupcakes I had made for halftime.

What is a Buckeye, anyway?

For those who don't know, a Buckeye is a tree nut (inedible) from the Buckeye tree.  Buckeye candies closely resemble these nuts in shape, color, and size, and are an Ohio favorite.

These are real Buckeyes from a tree that was on our property when we lived in Ohio.
They are supposed to be good luck, so I have saved them all these years!

Because last night’s game was a monumental occasion, I decided yesterday afternoon to make some Buckeye candies. While in the midst of making the candies, I decided I would try to also create some Buckeye cupcakes.  These turned out even better than I had hoped!

Anyone who likes chocolate and peanut butter is sure to enjoy both of these recipes, even if you are not a Buckeye football fan!!  

Susan's Buckeye Candy Recipe

(makes 4 or 5 dozen)

A plate full of Buckeyes!

3 c. icing sugar
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup peanut butter
1 tsp. vanilla extract
2 cups chocolate chips
1/4 bar paraffin

  • With a mixer, combine icing sugar, butter, peanut butter, and vanilla - on low until combined, so sugar doesn't splatter.
  • Shape dough into round balls, using about 1 tsp. of dough.

  • Melt the chocolate and paraffin together, in the top of a double boiler until melted, stirring until smooth.
  • Using a toothpick, dip the peanut butter balls into the melted chocolate until almost covered.  The remaining spot should resemble the light brown part of a buckeye nut. Allow to dry briefly, then gently place on waxed paper and remove the toothpick.

  • Once chocolate coating on candies has hardened, lightly smooth the hole from toothpick in the peanut butter center.
Note: Don't worry if peanut butter balls are not completely round.  The Buckeye tree nut is not perfect either.
Real and candy Buckeyes

Happy Household
The Ohio State Buckeyes made history last night, as the first ever College football National Champions. They won the game, 42 - 20. The men in my house are happy, so I am happy too.

My son and husband after the game - each with one of my Buckeye cupcakes!

Tomorrow, I will publish the recipe for my Buckeye Cupcakes.  Here's a peek inside of one:

Did you notice that not all the Buckeyes on the plate in the “plate full of Buckeyes”photo above are candy? 
Do you know which two are real?

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  1. Wow! I can't even tell the real buckeyes on your plate! I looked twice. Still can't tell. LOL

    I'm waiting for that cupcake recipe. My sweet tooth is already wanting to taste one.

    Today is my first day back to blogging for the new year. So happy to stop by and say hello. =0)

    1. Make sure you are looking at the right photo, Kim! There are two pictures with buckeye candy on a plate, but only one with the caption “plate full of buckeyes.” Let me know if you still can't figure it out!
      Welcome back!

  2. I have to admit that we were rooting for Oregon, just because it would have been nice to see a Pac-12 team win. But I'm glad that your guys are happy! Football is the same at our house - you're only invited over if you plan to actually watch the game :)! These peanut butter balls look so good, and I can't wait to see the cupcake recipe tomorrow!

    1. So Lana, our choice of teams is something we finally disagree on! Tomorrow, so everyone can enjoy them, I will provide a suggestion for how to make the cupcakes so they are less Buckeye-like!

  3. I love to amuse myself in the kitchen when the family are watching football so this post really spoke to me. Your candy looks delish!

    1. Thanks Karen - cooking is definitely more fun for me than football!

  4. Paraffin is edible? Learning all the time.

    The real buckeyes? I think (with no certainty) that the whole one on the top row is real, and perhaps the other is second from the bottom on the right-hand side. But you did really, really well if I had to look and look and look again.

    1. I'm pretty sure that paraffin is an ingredient in many “dipped” candies. Also pretty sure it is indigestible, and just passes through! The first time I made this candies, and my recipe actually calls for less paraffin than some I have seen. I must admit I was a little hesitant - but none has suffered any ill-affects!
      Glad to hear my candies are so realistic... perhaps I will provide the answer here in a few days.
      Just be sure to look at the photo of just a plate of buckeyes - not the one with the real ones arranged on a doily next to the plate.

    2. I was looking at the wrong plate. And looking at a plateful of blackeyes I think it became easier. A question of colour. Still a really good match.

    3. I wondered if perhaps that was it ... ;)

  5. O - H - I - O Living in the Buckeye state, you can't help but get reeled in ;-) but I do agree with you...I have never understood or got into the whole thing of grown men, a ball, and tackling each other.... I love buckeyes, yours look delicious!

    1. Thanks - I have tweeted several recipes over the years, and I think I finally have it right!

  6. Oh, those look sooooo good! Copied the recpie for the buckeyes. Anything with chocolate and peanut butter is okay with me! Ready!

    1. Let me know what you think of them, Diane. I hope you saw that there is a print option of my blog. If you click on the title of the post, it then shows up with the share options at the bottom :)

  7. Buckeyes are something that I have made every year at Christmas (except this year of course). They are a huge family favorite and sometimes I can be bribed to make them earlier in the year but CUPCAKES!!! Holy Cow Bat Man that's even better! First time I'm glad I'm behind because I won't have to wait for that recipe! I definitely want to give those a try. We also watched the game here, I actually love Football even though lately I spend more time on Pinterest while pretending to watch the game! Living in KY 10 miles from the Ohio state line my hubby is a huge Ohio State Fan as well!

    1. I wonder if our paths ever crossed when I lived in Cincinnati Rena! My husband would say yours is definitely rooting for the right team. Go Bucks.

  8. GO BUCKS! The hubs is a HUGE Ohio State fan and we can't believe how well Cardell did in those last three games! National Champs, baby!!

    And of course, these buckeyes looks fabulous! Anything with peanut butter and chocolate is a win in my book. Pinning!

    1. Yes - pretty exciting and I bet Ohio is still celebrating! I've washed a lot of red shirts this past week! Hope you enjoy the buckeyes - and the cupcakes too!

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  10. THese are awsome. I couldnt tell them apart until you cut them open! Thanks for linking up at Sunday Recipe Wrap Up!


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