Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A New Year - a New Road to Travel

A new calendar year is like a highway stretching out before us. Getting ready for what lies ahead is a lot like getting ready for a road trip.  I've written some travel advice that may help navigate the coming months, and make the journey a little smoother and more fulfilling.

The New Year Is Like a Road Not Yet Taken - Here's How to Travel It Well 

Map the route, but be prepared for obstacles and opportunities along the way

We can make plans as specific as the directions on a GPS, but we still don't know exactly what lies ahead. Having a destination is good, but flexibility is important, as there may be construction to persevere, or side roads to explore. Sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes bumpy, and then there are those times the potholes threaten to swallow us up.
  • Sunny skies or weather advisory
The next 12 months could be as variable as the weather changes one might encounter while traveling the roadways of Montana. There may be unexpected snow showers, a rainbow, some slippery black ice, or brilliant sunlight suddenly bursting from behind a cloud.
  • Don't miss the eagle sightings and the short cuts
Be on the lookout so as not to miss unanticipated surprises - like an eagle overhead, or discovering a faster route to work. There will be times when everything just seems to go right. Dry roads and clear skies, a drop in the price of gas, and good company can make long miles simply fly by.
  • Construction and Road Blocks
Obstacles will probably need to be overcome, like road repairs or the semi-truck that looms ahead in the no-passing lane. A flat tire, or a policeman signaling that we have exceeded the speed limit can slow us down. Sometimes we even run out of gas.

Getting there is half the fun

There are times when we can't wait to get to our destination and times we wish we would never arrive. We can't always speed up or slow down the journey, but we can strive to make the most of every minute.

  • Pick traveling companions wisely

Who we chose to travel with can greatly influence the success and enjoyment of our journey.

  • Vary the route - or follow a familiar one

Familiarity can lead to boredom - or nostalgia. Choosing an alternate route can be a mistake, or perhaps lead to an unexpected and enriching adventure.

  • Use the rearview mirror

Always remember to look back. Knowing what is behind us can help us better understand what lies ahead. 

  •  Passing lanes 

Sometimes people will overtake us or sometimes we may pass others. It is best for these interactions to occur legally, politely and without conceit or rancor.

Keep the right frame of mind 

Whether the road ahead is well paved or filled with orange barrels, it is best traveled with an open mind and an open heart. The road ahead holds the promise of endless possibilities.

While many people sing Robert Burn's song of "Auld Lang Syne as a year comes to a close," I think of the poem The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. The best end to a year is when we can look back and say, "I'm glad I went the way I did."

My hope is that we can all say that at the end of 2015.

I previously published this article on Yahoo Contributor Network. Since it is no longer available there, I thought I would share it here.  It appears to have been a precursor to this blog ... I wrote it long before I named this website, but used the phrase “make the most of every” midway through!

Are you happy with the directions you went in 2014? What changes will you make in 2015?

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  1. Great advice, so many things we all need to stop and think about. I'm glad you decided to reprint it here where I could see it.

  2. Love it. And would add, relish the detours. Sometimes they are exactly where we need to be.

    1. Perfect thing to add EC! I agree - there have been a few detours in my life that have turned out to be the best thing to happen ever!

  3. What a beautiful post full of great advice. And yes, "We can't always speed up or slow down the journey, but we can strive to make the most of every minute." Love it. :)

    1. Thanks for the compliment Laurel. I appreciate you taking time to leave a comment!

  4. So original and clever. Love it. I have always told my children to travel first with the person they are considering marrying. Nothing brings out the "authentic" person than travel. How they handle the road bumps, steer around the detours and navigate the various road blocks are golden moments.
    Thanks for reminding me!

    1. Thanks Kelly. Your advice to your kids is excellent - a true test!

  5. Great post Susan, with perfect advice for traveling - and life!

    1. Traveling and life both hold a lot of unknowns! Your ideas about courage can certainly be applied to both Lana!

  6. A wonderful and unique perspective. My favorite quote is:" Be on the lookout so as not to miss unanticipated surprises - like an eagle overhead, or discovering a faster route to work." I think sometimes we get so focused on the destination we forget to enjoy the road and surprises that lead us there.

    1. I agree Kathy. Sometimes we all just need to slow down and focus on the present, not just where we are headed! Thanks for taking time to comment!

  7. A great perspective for the changes that are bound to happen each year. I was very blessed last year and I am hoping that continues into 2015. I have set some pretty high goals for myself this year and we will see where we end up at the end! I love knowing you are one of the passengers in my life! I enjoy reading what you right and keeping up with what is going on in your life. I hope you get exactly where you want to go in 2015.

    1. I could say the same right back at you Rena! All the best to you for 2015!!


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