Monday, September 8, 2014

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - Please Be Aware

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month.  I was not aware of this - or that the color teal represents finding a cure for ovarian cancer, until a friend of mine was dying of this devastating disease.

My teal ribbon 
My friend was married for 21 years, and she was the mother of two boys, ages 13 and 17.  Their family learned first-hand of how insidious and vague the onset of this cancer is - and how devastating it can be. The statistic that ovarian cancer is one of the most deadly cancers for women became all too real for them.  

My friend's sons understood that too little is known about this cancer. Even while their mother, critically ill, lay in a hospital bed, they helped organize and participated in a school assembly to increase awareness and fund raise to support research for a cure.  The school gym the day of the assembly (three years ago today) was crowded with many children and adults - our clothing creating a sea of teal.

I mentioned Ovarian Awareness month on the Facebook page of this blog earlier this month. To help spread awareness of this lesser known, but prevalent cancer, I am sharing that post again here. I encourage you to read the article by Melissa Ford, and educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of this devastating disease. Early detection greatly improves chances for survival.

4 Easy Things You Can Do Today for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

I often think of my friend, and I miss her greatly. I remember her beautiful black hair contrasting sharply with a red coat she sometimes wore - - but it is the color teal that I now most often associate with her. I will always admire how hard she fought to live for her boys - and how important it was to her that other women not share her fate.

I will be wearing my teal ribbon today.   
R - you are missed.

#whyteal: signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer from nocc

"TEAL: Take Early Action and Live!"
~National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

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  1. It is a scourge.Thank you for raising awareness.

    1. I don't deserve the credit - I am just passing along the idea of others.

  2. I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. What amazing sons she has, to organize an awareness assembly in the midst of their pain. This is a cancer that doesn't get much notice. Thanks so much for reminding us about this terrible disease.

    1. I wish that my friend had benefited from earlier treatment - and yes, her boys were amazing throughout that time.

  3. You are right that I, too was unaware of this month being Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I am sad about your friend and hope teal can help heal.

  4. This is so important Susan! I had no idea these were the symptoms. I will be making an appointment to get checked. Something I just haven't thought about! So sorry for the loss of your friend.

    1. They can be symptoms of so many things, Rena - but anyone experiencing them should raise the question with their doctor as to whether ovarian cancer could be the cause.

  5. Replies
    1. Sad that there are so many "good causes" that don't get the attention they deserve. Hopefully, they all soon will.

  6. I am so sorry to read about your friend "R". I too have a story of a beautiful young girl who lost her battle to Ovarian Cancer:
    The article focuses on her living life to the max and offers some great tips like your post! I know its considered impolite to post up a link in the comments but hopefully this comment will bump this post up so that more women will read your great posts on the entire site and help them to learn the signs of ovarian cancer especially now that it is September! #OvarianCancerAwareness #WhyTeal


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