Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Montana gave Paul McCartney more than "Just a Little Love"

Last week, my family was fortunate enough to attend a Paul McCartney concert. Yes, you read that right.  Paul McCartney, the Beatle.  Lead singer of the band Wings.  Still performing after all these years.  About six decades, by my count!

Washington-Grizzly stadium at U. of Montana was full to capacity in anticipation of the Paul McCartney concert.

The concert sold out immediately, before we even caught wind of it.  When some additional tickets became available, though, it was an opportunity we just couldn't pass up. I thought it would be fun to have bragging rights to be able to say we had seen a Beatle perform, but truthfully didn't expect much. I had no idea of the quality with which this icon can still perform.  Saying it was the best concert I have ever attended would not be an overstatement.

The concert was in Missoula, MT.  Yes, your read that right as well - a Beatle in Montana.  (You should hear that melodious voice say the name of our state in that British accent - just a loovely sound!)

Sir Paul
I was too young to have swooned at a Beatle concert. My mom says when I was just tiny though, I combed my hair down over my eyes, and danced in front of the television, mimicking the Beatles as they sang,  "She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah."  (That was in the days before I realized I cannot sing!) Watching Paul McCartney belt out songs, for over two hours without a single break last week, however, I gained a new understanding of why female fans fainted in the 60's.

At one point during the concert, I muttered to my 19-year old daughter, "He's still hot!"  It was hard to believe a 72-year old man was performing - that cute smile, engaging personality, flirty moves, and amazing voice would have fooled anyone without historical knowledge into believing he is much younger.  Towards the end of the concert, Paul invited a mother and her daughter up on stage, after noticing their sign, "Please sign my daughter."  There were more than a few females showing some envy, as he autographed both of the chosen women's shoulders.

My family at the Paul McCartney concert on August 5th, 2014
Sir Paul pranced, skipped and shimmied across the stage effortlessly in heeled boots, belting out rock and roll and crooning well-known ballads.  His band members gave Beatle-worthy contributions to the performance, and the light and sound crew helped put on an astounding show. By intervals, the crowd was clapping, singing along, and quiet as a pin so as not to miss a single note from the voice of a legend.

A performance by Paul McCartney and his band would have been amazing in any venue, but the Washington-Grizzly Stadium on an absolutely gorgeous summer night added to the magic of the evening.  A scoop of Big Dipper Ice Cream (a Montana favorite) from a vendor set up outside the stadium started the evening off perfectly.  Once seated, looking west, our view above the stadium was filled with beautiful mountains and sky. Hang gliders drifted above the stadium before the show.  As the sun set, a beautiful moon appeared.  A gentle breeze kept everyone comfortable during what would have otherwise been a very warm evening.

We were treated to a true example of how, "it just takes one".  While we waited for the show to begin, a young man a few seats from us stood and threw his hands in the air, encouraging those around him to do so.  In a matter of minutes, the entire stadium of 25,000 McCartney fans were participating - a "wave" went round and round the Griz Stadium countless times as people cheered. Later, during the concert, Paul had the same effect, as he encouraged us to sing along - and everyone did.

McCartney fans doing "the wave" waiting for the concert to begin.

Montana showed McCartney more than "Just a Little Love" - and he appeared to enjoy his time in the Treasure State. Three encores later, he seemed reluctant to leave the stage. . . and left us all still wanting more.  Eight Days a Week, Hey Jude, Yesterday and We Can Work It Out were a few of the crowd favorites, but Paul - we all just "Wanna Hold Your Hand."

The light show and fireworks at the concert were impressive!
Be sure to stop back at this blog, the most -- of every moment tomorrow. I will be publishing a guest blog post from Lana, of Two Teens and Their Mama, - and I know you will enjoy it! But, in the meantime, I have a question for you:

What is your favorite song by Paul McCartney or the Beatles?


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  1. What a wonderful experience! My younger son and husband were lucky enough to see him when he performed in Seattle last summer. T is a Beatle's fanatic! My hubby has been to many concerts, and he said this one ranked as one of the best. What a beautiful venue!

    1. A week later, and I am still marveling at how much fun it was! I'm glad that G and T has a chance to see McCartney in concert as well!

  2. Mull of Kintyre...but the hubs likes Hey Jude

  3. Wow. WHAT an experience.
    The Beatles songs are so much a part of me that I think they have fused with my DNA. Favourites change with the season, the day, the mood.
    Eleanor Rigby is always a winner though. Sad, beautiful, profound.

    1. Well said - I think perhaps they are a part of the DNA of everyone who has enjoyed the decades of listening to their music! My teenage kids appreciate it possibly as much as we did!


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