Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Emmy Goes to ... (Should TV people have all the fun?)

The 66th Emmy Awards ceremony is now complete.  But why should people of television have all the fun?  Shouldn't we all be presenting and receiving awards on a regular basis?  By the end of this post, I think you will agree!

I took a photo of this image on our television screen.

If I were presenting, I would provide awards for categories of: 
  • kindness, 
  • support, 
  • wisdom, 
  • accomplishment, 
  • talent,
  • helpfulness, 
  • guidance, and 
  • love.  
The recipients, of course, would be my friends and family.  For many awards, there would be more than one winner.

Emmy award "acceptance speeches" are often tedious to listen to, and get cut short by the music.  It is easy to think "hurry up" and "keep it brief for heavens sake" as an observer.  But, my list would not be short. I would want to thank: 
  • my husband and my children 
  • my parents and my siblings 
  • my in-laws and all of my extended family  
  • friends 
  • teachers 
  • anyone I have ever worked with 
  • doctors, nurses, dentists - anyone who has ever cared for me or my family  
  • blogger friends, who read and comment on my blog, and who teach me by example  ...
... By now the music would be playing, and I am just getting warmed up!  This list could go on and on.

I'm not suggesting we all invest in red carpets or designer evening wear; or even that a trophy is necessary.  But, the Emmy Awards reminded me of the importance of recognition for achievement, and gratitude to those who have supported us.  We should all try to express more of this for each other every day.

For me, and I suspect almost everyone, the most touching part of the 2014 Emmy Awards was a tribute, not an award.  For decades, Robin Williams has filled our screens and made us laugh.  Last night, his image filled our hearts with loss - for a man gone much too soon, before his time.  The gift of laughter which he gave to so many people was, in the end, the one thing he could not give himself.  

May his memory help spark better understanding of the illness of depression - and may someone, someday soon, receive a real award for the discovery of a perfect cure for this devastating disease.  In the meantime, as we all strive to give more compliments, words of encouragement and gratitude - perhaps we could think of it as giving out "Williams" awards.  

I can almost here Robin chuckling, as we say, "And the Williams goes to ... ."

What other categories for recognition would you add to the ones I listed above?

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  1. ah i missed this shows :/
    what a pity.. but i heard this shows went so great and amazing..
    and part of robin william is the touching one..
    i just watching on youtube :(
    thank you for sharing hon!

    1. Glad you were able to see it on YouTube. Thanks for commenting Maria!

  2. Love this Susan. Hollywood does like to congratulate itself a lot, but you are right, we "regular" people should do this more often. I really like your idea of a Williams award!

    1. You would be a winner in lots of categories of the Williams award, Lana! :)

  3. There are some people who just make the world a better place. Creators of beauty (whatever their field), people of compassion and integrity. For them I would like an 'Enrichment Award'. My world would be sadly diminished without them.

    1. Enrichment award - I love it! Thanks for adding the category!

  4. What a great idea! The Williams award presented at Blogher 2015. I say we all make a date to attend ladies!

    1. That would be a terrific venue for it! Sounds like a fun idea, Rena!

  5. A "Williams Award" is a BRILLIANT IDEA! "Me thinks you should do it!" And know that while some might be dragging you off the stage, I'd be trying to silence the music and holding you in place by your other arm. lol

    I don't usually watch the awards but was a little sad to have missed Robins' tribute. Now I'm looking forward to watching it online. Thanks for this beautiful post. xo

    1. You made me laugh! I'm glad that you liked my post, Annah.

  6. I should have thought of that one! Great suggestion, Delores!

  7. For the first time in a long time, I didn't *have* to watch The Emmys. I love your point about remembering to let those around us how much we appreciate them. It's never a bad time to be kind to people.

  8. I was curious what you meant when you said "didn't have to watch the Emmys," so I did a little detective work on your blog. Assuming you must have done some writing about past Emmy celebrities? I love that you have a fiction blog - how fun. I have enjoyed posting a little fiction here - and it is one of my favorite things to write.


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