Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Sunshine Award Makes Bloggers Glow!

Sunshine makes me happy
so does the Sunshine Award!

There's just something special about sunshine - especially in Jamaica!
I asked for a rain check on the Sunshine Award!
On July 24th, Marie from NormalEveryDay Life nominated me for The Sunshine Award.  I was thrilled with the honor, but I asked if I could wait a few weeks to write the acceptance post. July and early August were busy enough already.  She graciously agreed - and now I finally have time to accept the award!

A word of appreciation!
Before I say any more about the award, I need to tell you about Marie's blog.  If you haven't paid a visit to Normal Everyday Life yet, you really should. Marie is a mother of five, and she blogs about motherhood and everyday life. Her blog is easy to read, and her posts are always entertaining and informative.

How to make a blogger glow:
As Marie explained in her post linked above, when a blogger receives the Sunshine Award, he/she then passes it on to other bloggers by whom they have been inspired.  Perhaps it is called the Sunshine Award because receiving recognition can make a person practically glow - as though bathed in sunshine!

To further explain, I will (sort of) use words from a John Denver song (modified by yours truly!)
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy,
Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry,
A Sunshine Award upon my blog - it looks so lovely!
I'll pass it on to others, and I'm here to tell you why...
The rules of the award are as follows:
1. Post 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer 11 questions about yourself from the nominating blogger
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers to receive this award
4. Write 11 questions for your nominated bloggers
5. Let them know they are nominated!

Once a blogger is nominated, and completes the above requirements, they may post this on their blog:

The  coveted Sunshine Award Badge
So, here goes. You may notice that the steps necessary to accept this award are similar to that of the Liebster Award. I will try not to repeat myself!

11 (VERY) Random Facts About Myself:
  1. I am of below-average height.
  2. I have the ability to nap at any time of the day, ever since I worked night shift as a nurse.
  3. I live where temperatures are often below zero, F. - yet I really don't like cold weather.
  4. I love sunshine - which is why I like living where I do, as the sun comes out nearly every day.
  5. I once brought a baby chick home from elementary school, and I named him Eggbert.  Neighbors adopted him when he got big, because the intention was always to have a chick, not a chicken!
  6. I hate to vacuum, more than any other household chore.
  7. I don't like hard boiled eggs.
  8. My eyes are brown, but they seem to be getting lighter as I get older??
  9. I rode a school bus for nine years, then walked to high school.
  10. I may be the only person on the planet who cannot successfully grow zucchini!
  11. I am still trying to figure out how to use Facebook and Twitter ... 
11 Questions for me to answer, from Marie:
Why did you start blogging
I had heard it was a good thing for a freelance writer to do, and I thought a blog would motivate me to write consistently.  I had no idea of what I was getting into - or just what a good idea it really was!

Are you an early bird or night owl?
I was a night owl up until I had kids.  Since I began to write, I have found myself staying up very late - and often still getting up early!

Who is your favorite author?
An unanswerable question.  I love many different types of books.  Perhaps my favorite author is whomever I am reading at the time.

What is your guilty pleasure?
It has always been ice cream!

What is your all time favorite TV show?
I used to watch ER and West Wing, but when those series ended, I stopped watching television.  I will occasionally watch a show just to be with my family, and I do enjoy movies, but like to spend my time in other ways.

Name three things on your bucket list.
1. Write a novel.  2. Organize our photo collection.  3. Clean out my closet.
(I just shared part of my To-Do bucket list - not my Fun bucket list!  However, #1 is actually on both!)

What's your favorite way to relax?
With a good book!  Floating on water with a good book or with family is the ultra-perfect way.

Do you collect anything?
Recipes. Photos. Tree ornaments from my travels. Memories (in written or photo form, so I actually remember them!)

What's your favorite post on your blog and why?
Another hard question.  I have had a lot of fun writing fiction short stories, including my latest, The Papalo Cure.  I don't really have a favorite, but I was very happy when my post on  7-8-14, The Best Excuse Ever, was selected to be featured on BlogHer.

Do you enjoy appetizers or dessert more?
Tough choice!  I love them both - usually more than the entree!

What is your favorite season and why?
It has always been summer - I love to be warm and I love sunshine!

11 Bloggers I am Nominating to Receive the Sunshine Award:
I have so many favorites - it was hard to only pick eleven! I narrowed it down a bit by deciding to only name bloggers I have not previously featured or nominated for other things. 

These bloggers have helped me to make my blog better in some way - either by their blog content, blogging events they have hosted, and/or by commenting on my posts - some of which were the very first comments my blog received! 
  1. Delores from Under the Porch Light
  2. Diane from On the Alberta/Montana Border
  3. Mimsie from A Geriatric Grandmother
  4. Zaby from Zaby's Perspective
  5. Lily Leung from OneThousandandTwo
  6. Carol Graham from Battered Hope
  7. Lizzy from Your Cup of Cake
  8. Laurel Regan from Alphabet Salad
  9. Colette from Jamerican Spice
  10. Susan and Janice from 5 Minutes for Mom
  11. Romi C at Letters from the Land of Cherry Blossoms
Note: Some nominees may have already received this award, and not everyone will choose to accept this award for a variety of reasons. I completely understand, and I hope none feel obligated to do so - I simply wanted to let them know I appreciate what they have done for me. 

Many thanks to all the bloggers mentioned above, and to Marie for selecting me to receive this award!

Here are the 11 Questions for my nominees:
1. How long have you been a blogger?
2. If you could give a million dollars to a charity, which one would you choose?
3. What is your favorite meal?
4. What is the last book that you read, or you are currently reading?
5. Do you have a pet?
6. Have you ever had a surprise party? Would you like to?
7. What is your favorite holiday?
8. How much time do you spend working on your blog?  
9. How much of the time spent on your blog is when you are actually writing posts?
10. What percentage of blogging time is spent on reading other blogs, commenting and replying to comments?
11. How much time do you spent promoting your blog?

What is your favorite type of blog to visit?

This post may be linked to one of the great link-up parties I follow and list on my blog.  Check them out!


  1. congratulations I loved your answers :)

    1. Thanks Marisa - You would have been on this list also, had I not already named you for the Blog tour!

    2. aww that is sweet i consider it in spirit which is a wonderful honor as well :)

  2. Congrats on the award and thank you so very much for your kindness in passing it on to me.

    1. It is an insufficient token of gratitude for the fun and inspiration your Words for Wednesday prompts have given me - and the awesome bloggers I have met through your blog!

  3. What a great post. I know (and love) some of the bloggers you have nominated and will drop in on the others when I can.
    Blogs are like books for me. I read a wide variety, and get different things from each of them. Beauty, education, laughter...

    1. You are one of the awesome bloggers I mentioned above EC! I always enjoy your viewpoint on things - including your comment here about how you view the variations between blogs! Your blog is award-worthy in every way!

  4. Thank you so much, Susan - I am honoured! And it was fun reading your answers and getting to know you a little better. :)

  5. Congratulations Susan! Very well deserved. I enjoyed learning even more about you. No hard boiled eggs?!!!!

    1. I will eat chopped up boiled eggs in salads, etc -- but the idea of eating an entire hard boiled egg just does not appeal! :)

  6. Great list Susan and a very big congratulations! You are a wonderful Blogger that I have enjoyed getting to know so much better! Your blog is one of my favorites! !!!

    1. Rena - I really goofed! Your name is on this list, and then I took it off - remembering that I had written about you in my Virtual Blog tour post, and I was thinking I had nominated you. It just dawned on me how wrong I was - you had passed the honor on to me!! Your really, really should have been on this list. Both of your blogs are amazing - and you are such an inspiration in many ways!
      It is a little disconcerting - you write a blog about being anAlzheimer's caregiver - and I have a major memory lapse when writing about you! ;)

  7. Congrats on receiving the Sunshine Award. I really like how you outlined this...very nice. Now, I know I didn't do it justice when I received it. Thanks for sharing this

    1. You made me curious Trish - I took a peek at your Sunshine Award blog post - and I think it is perfect! You did the award at least as much justice as I did - and I love how you have laid out your blog! Congrats on being a recipient as well!

  8. Congratulations on being nominated. thank you for nominating me send me the questions and i will answer them in my upcoming posts.

    1. Hi Zaby - thanks for so kindly (and diplomatically) pointing out that I forgot to include the questions for the nominees! I have edited the post, and you will find them here now! Sorry for the omission!

  9. Congrats! Thanks for stopping over, I'd adding you to my read list!

  10. Hi Susan! Thank you so much for the sweet shout out! I really appreciate it. I've been a little behind reading my Bloglovin feed so I just saw this! Love your random facts. I can take a nap anytime, too. I only wish I could fall back to sleep so easily in the middle of the night! A few years ago, I started collecting tree ornaments from our vacations, too. They are some of my favorites to hang on the tree. It was fun to learn more about you! Thanks for glowing! :)

    1. Thank you for causing me to "glow" Marie! I appreciated the nomination - and felt badly it took me so long to accept it!

  11. Susan, congrats on your award and I am honoured by the nomination! You have great questions. Will use them as topics for future blogs. Am busy travelling back and forth to lake and home these last while. Sometimes no Internet at the lake. You have a great blog. Nice getting to know you.


    1. Enjoy the lake! I will look forward to reading your answers to the questions in the future Lily!

  12. Congratulations Susan F. on receiving the Sunshine Award and thank you for nominating me. I have received this award a few times and have, in turn, nominated many new bloggers. I think I am out of that category now. However, I am glad that we connected and glad you are following my blog as well as me following yours! I must ask - 1 - where do you live that it is so cold? 2 - What do you find difficult about Facebook or Twitter? And Congrats on Blogher - I am headed there now. Please connect with me by email on my blog and I see you want to write a book. Mine came out last year and it has changed my life. I hope you will get a chance to read it - I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Thank you and big hugs :)

    1. I live in Montana Carol :) And congrats to you on having published a book! That must feel awesome! I haven't had a chance to read your book, but I have enjoyed your blog, so I would probably enjoy it!

  13. Oh my goodness, Susan - I just realized you are THAT Susan. Forgive me -- I apologize. I was having a combination blonde and senior moment! Now I remember HOW we connected. Hugs again

    1. Too funny Carol! I just assumed those were things you didn't know about me! Thank you for reading my posts!


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