Friday, July 31, 2015

Week # 8: My List of Fabulous Finds

It is Friday, so that means I get to share with you some of my "Fabulous Finds" from the past week.

I really love writing this post, because it gives me an opportunity to read and think about all of these things again myself!

I don't have a link to share for this - but one of the more fabulous things I came across last week was at our local Saturday Farmer's market. We purchased some really beautiful golden beets and lovely eggplant. In an upcoming blog post, I will share my delicious recipe I used to cook these vegetables. Yum!

One of the really nice things about golden beets is that when you peel them they don't stain your hands the same way that red ones do!

Just a reminder of the reason for this series:
 There is a lot of really helpful, captivating, and entertaining information available on the Internet. It can take a lot of time however, to sift through and find the articles that interest you. 
If you read this blog, I suspect we have similar passions. If I find something to be fascinating or useful, I think you might as well.  
In this series, I share the links to some of the “fabulous finds" I have discovered on the Internet throughout the week. I hope you enjoy and benefit from these links!

Here are links to some of what I came across this week:

This Week's Fabulous Finds:

~ ~ Plastic roads!
This idea for using recycled plastics sounds pretty smart to me, and I love the conversation in the comments that this article has generated. All the pros and cons mentioned will need to be explored - my question would be what kind of traction will these roads offer in snow and ice?
~ ~ This sounds like an exam for a cook. Would you pass?
I am including this link for my own well-being as much as yours!  With it here, I will be able to find it right away whenever I am cooking any of these foods! 

Some of the techniques suggested here are new to me - and they sound like they could be just the trick to take these staple menu items from good to great!

~ ~ Do you know the difference?
I think I usually use these abbreviations correctly, but it was helpful to review this rule. This article explains this bit of tricky grammar perfectly!

~ ~ How to be prepared.
A few weeks ago I published a link to an article about the possibility of a large earthquake on the west coast of the United States. Rather than just share cause for alarm, today I'm providing a link to the information the CDC provides regarding earthquake preparedness. 
~ ~ It can wait
Have you heard of the #ItCanWait AT&T campaign? Their commercials warning of the danger of being distracted by an electronic device are a pretty powerful reminder that "it should wait."


Wishing you a safe and wonderful week. 

Do you cook much with eggplant or beets? 
What is your favorite way to prepare them?

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  1. I don't see many golden beets, but I just picked some giant red ones from our garden and I plan on attempting to make beet chips tonight.

    1. MMMMmmmm. Beet chips sound wonderful - and how nice to be able to get beets right out of your garden Deena!

  2. I've never heard of golden beets - but they sound delicious! I hope you have a great weekend Susan!

    1. They are really pretty Lana - and it is even fun to serve both red and golden ones in the same meal!

  3. I planted eggplant in my garden for the first time this year...

  4. Mmmm beets. I really like them grated raw and added to salads.

  5. I've never tried either before, but I would love to try eggplant if I knew what to do with it. It always looks so pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    1. I hadn't cooked much with eggplant before either Rena, but it is really not hard. I will share a few tips in the next week or two!

  6. Beets and eggplant? Love them! Especially when someone else is cooking . . . I'll bring my fork. What time is dinner? :)
    Plastic roads? Genius!
    Wow, I must look into Chris' hints more closely.
    And it definitely can wait. Sad.
    Great finds today, Susan!

    1. Dinner will be any time you get here Diane - and I have plenty of forks!


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