Saturday, July 25, 2015

Diamonds AND a Girl's Best Friend

Saturday Spotlight Series #30
Today, the Saturday Spotlight Series is shining upon a website that has impressed me, and I think you might enjoy learning about.

When I was asked to write a sponsored post for Anjolee (an online jewelry store with an impressive collection of customizable wedding and anniversary rings, earrings, Diamond Bracelets, and necklaces) I nearly declined. After all, this is not really a fashion blog! 

After viewing their web page however, I decided knowing about Anjolee might actually be another way for some of my readers to make the most of their moments. Remembering the circumstances of how I got my engagement ring is what made me realize this ...

When I was about ten, I was pretty convinced I would never want a diamond. I thought they were boring because at that point I liked everything to be really colorful! I also thought the phrase "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" was silly - my dog was a better friend than any gem could ever be.

childhood pet, dog

Time went by. I grew up and sadly, my beloved dog died. I still didn't (and don't) subscribe to the philosophy that a woman needs a man who can give her diamonds. But as a teenager, I heard another
phrase “diamonds are forever” which did change how I felt about them. The stability and strength of a diamond is impressive.

By the time I became engaged, I had learned to appreciate the beauty of a diamond. I had decided I liked how they catch the light and sparkle, and how the white of a diamond never clashes with any other color.  I liked the idea of a ring with a stone that is strong enough to last forever, as a symbol of a commitment to marriage.

I already knew that my husband typically takes time to deliberate any major decision. Although I was sure we would get married, I was quite surprised when he proposed after we had only been dating for a year-and-a-half. The year 1989 was coming to a close, and he decided that it would be nice if we began the new decade engaged!  

Before we went out to dinner on December 30th, he asked me for a piece of yarn - without telling me the reason. After dinner, we took a walk and suddenly he was down on one knee - tying the yarn around my finger and asking me to marry him! His explanation that a real ring would be purchased as soon as he found the right one barely even registered in my thoughts. I didn't need a ring - I said yes. 

engaged, ring, diamond

I wore that little piece of yarn quite proudly - for two months! I am not exactly sure how long it took my husband to decide what he thought I would like, figure out what he could afford, and find the right ring; but, I know that it took quite a while. Then, he also had to wait for the right occasion to give it to me. Finally, the time was right. 

Years earlier, my aunt and uncle had "given" me a tree on their Vermont property, and marked it with my name. That February we made a trip to Vermont, and I showed my fiancĂ© "my" tree. Suddenly, he was down on one knee again - this time holding out an open box with a diamond ring!  The diamond ring inside the box and the little piece of string changed places - and another name was carved onto the tree beside mine!

photo, engaged

The beloved little piece of string contained a great deal of sentiment. I was thrilled, however, to receive my diamond ring.  The thought and effort that went into selecting it has always meant so much to me. That, more than any price tag, made me feel so loved.

Diamonds are not a girl's best friend. But, they are very special when you get one from someone who loves you - someone who is and always will be your very best friend!

wedding, wedding ring
I wore my sparkly diamond on my right hand, the day my husband slipped a wedding band on my left ring finger!
When my husband was trying to educate himself about how to select a diamond, it was before the world wide web was available with information of this type. If he'd had the educational materials on the Anjolee website as a resource, it would have made the research he did much easier. Rather than visiting a bunch of jewelers to find just the right ring, he could have worked with Anjolee to customize the options exactly the way he wanted. It is quite likely that I would have had a real ring much sooner!

Anjolee offers customers the ability to customize any jewelry designs to the customers’ exact preferences, taste and budget. What I really admire about their website is the tab offering an extensive education (and I do mean extensive!) about diamonds and jewels and how to buy jewelry. I remember my husband teaching me what he learned about the 4 C's of a diamond - but I sincerely doubt he knew everything that can be learned on the Anjolee website.

When a store offers such an extensive education to its customers of what to look for when purchasing jewelry, I feel like you can be quite confident in the quality of products being sold. Anjolee offers a huge variety of styles and types of jewelry. With the ability to customize these jewelry designs by any metal type, any carat size, any diamond or gemstone and size, it seems that anyone looking for high-end jewelry could find something they like here.

Even although most of the items on the Anjolee website are beyond my budget, it is fun to think about how I would customize the different types of jewelry. I found more than a few items I really like,and I especially think all of their gemstone and diamond bracelets are extremely beautiful! 

If you are looking for a piece of jewelry to buy, or just want to be a little more knowledgeable about gemstones and how to purchase jewelry, click here and visit I think it will be worth your time.

Which piece of jewelry on their website is your favorite?

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In the spirit of full disclosure, this is a sponsored post for which I received some compensation. All opinions expressed, however, are entirely honest and simply my own thoughts.


  1. Now that is a cute story! I love that you wore the yarn for almost two months.

    1. I loved it ... but I must admit, I was happy to get a more sturdy and everlasting form of a ring when I did!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I love engagement stories. And this is one of the best!

    1. Thanks Diane ... I am always fascinated by how couples met, their engagement and wedding stories as well. You have told some fun stories!

  3. Love, love this story! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. what a lovely engagement story - I think it's funny that you thought it was a quick proposal - my husband proposed after 2 months - what were we thinking?! Took another two months to save up for the ring :)

    1. There are not many major decisions that my husband have made within 2 months ... for us, it was a quick proposal! Sounds like both ways worked well though!

  5. What a wonderful story. I'm so glad you shared it. You looked gorgeous in your wedding dress!

  6. What a gorgeous story. I hope you kept that piece of yarn.
    Diamonds are not for me, but the forever commitment outlasts them.

    1. Surprisingly, despite being worn for 2 months, even the yarn stood up quite well. I attributed that to the lasting quality of our relationship!

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks Deena. If you get a minute, check out the Anjolee website. Even if you are not currently looking to buy a piece of jewelry, it is a fun place to go and drool!

  8. Seriously such a cute story! Love it. :)

    1. Thanks Sarah. It is certainly a treasured memory!

  9. What a beautiful story and you looked amazing! Sadly because the RA has ruined my hands I can no longer wear rings. The one thing I miss more than anything is wearing my wedding ring. I decided when my daughter got married I would give it to her so it could still be worn and not kept in a box somewhere.


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