Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Quote Can Come in Handy

I was challenged by Leanne, the blogger at Cresting the Hill ~ of Midlife, to post three of my favorite quotes. 

The directions for this blogging challenge are as follows:

  • Post three of your favorite quotes (a different quote on three consecutive days or do it all in one post). The quote can be from your favorite book, author or your own. 
  • Nominate 3 bloggers to challenge them
  • Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

I was thinking that this would be a fun and fairly easy post to write, so I laughed a little when I came across this quote on goodreads.com, by A. A. Milne


Quoting the thoughts of someone else can be perhaps a little lazy, but sometimes there are just no better words to say. When an emotion is well-voiced; an action well-explained; or an event is well-described, the words become an experience to which we all can relate. 

Well-spoken words get passed from person-to-person between quotation marks; some quotes even have endured throughout long passages of time. A little research about the quotes I selected for this posts showed, quite to my surprise, that all three have been

attributed to men who lived a 100 years ago - and more!


I try to use these three quotes as some of the guiding principles for my life. (In fact, I have already mentioned a couple of these previously on this blog!)                                       

Quote #1. 


It is a widespread belief that this advice came from John Wesley (1703 - 1791) although some people dispute this, as the exact wording apparently cannot be found in any written works by Wesley.

The first place I came across this advice was in college. I have kept a framed photo of this quote in my bedroom ever since, and I always try to live my life by keeping this advice in mind.

 Quote #2.


The screensaver photo I added to my phone contains these words by American writer Elbert Hubbard (1859 - 1915). I tend to let caution lead my life - and I often need to be reminded to not let fear of failure prevent me from learning something new!

Quote #3.


I have often encouraged myself and my children with phrases similar to this. This quote is the oldest of all three of my favorites here - written by Philip Dormer Stanhope,(1694 - 1773) 4th Earl of Chesterfield, in a  letter to his son.


The challenge was just to post three quotes, but I'd like to add one more.


Words by men are not the only words worth quoting!

To prove that not all great quotes are from the words of men, and to balance things out a little here, I am sharing this quote from The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank (1929 - 1945). 

This thought is even more profound when one remembers it was written by a young teenager, from whom so very much was taken. If Anne Frank could afford to have a generous spirit, certainly the rest of us can make that attempt as well.


To continue this challenge, I nominate:

Marie of Normal Everyday Life
Carol of Battered Hope
Kim of 2JustBYou
(These bloggers are under no obligation to participate, as it may not fit with their blogging goals or editorial calendar.)

Thanks Leanne!

I have been following Leanne's blog for a little while now. She writes with good insight and a sense of humor, and I love her approach to life. I am honored that she tagged me for this challenge, and I encourage you to visit her blog!

Is there a particular quote that has had an impact on your life?

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  1. Yay! Susan - great quotes - I love reading what others choose and the story behind them is even more interesting. Thanks for joining in the fun (and for your kind words about me :) )

    1. Glad you liked this Leanne!
      Thanks again for tagging me!

  2. Great quotes! I always love a good quote...

  3. These are lovely.
    Quotes generally escape my cluttered mind. I should write more of them down. In the same place so I can find them again.

  4. I love these kinds of quotes! They really make you stop and think about your life and what you are doing. My mother used to tell me "Two wrongs don't make a right!" I always think about that one before seeking revenge for something someone has done to me. I also try to live by the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Too bad we all don't live by that standard 100 percent of the time. There would be no trouble in the world, that's for sure.

    1. Your mom's quote and the Golden Rule are words I grew up with as well. Another one that seems to sum up how to live: Always be kind.

  5. You chose well, Susan. If someone was to ask me to sum you up I'd quote the John Wesley one.

  6. I loved these quotes Susan! Iam finally getting a chance to catch up its been a crazy summer! Hope yours is going great!

    1. Welcome back Rena! I know what you mean - I am getting posts published, but haven't had much computer time beyond that this week! Thanks for taking the time to catch up!


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