Thursday, February 11, 2021

How to Never Pull Up to the Wrong Side of the Gas Pump Again

Unfortunately, I don't know any good tips for saving money when you buy gas, but I do have an easy tip about how to save time (and avoid feeling frustrated) at the pump. I learned it from my son.

gas tank locator arrow

Our cars all needed servicing a while back, so I drove all three of them within a week. Later, I commented to my son that I wished that it was standard for all cars to have the gas tank on the same side. I complained that it is frustrating to realize, after getting out of the car to pump the gas, that I've pulled up on the wrong side of the pump. I am usually in a hurry, so even the few minutes wasted while having to reposition the car can cause me to be late for something.

My son laughed at me. In a kindly "Oh, Mom" sort of way.

Then he said, "That's what the triangle by the little gas pump icon on the dash is for."

Me: "What? What triangle?"

gas tank location indicator arrow
That little arrow by the gas pump icon on your dash actually means something!
(Just ignore the yellow "tire pressure!" light. That's why the car was being serviced.) 

Of course,  I had never noticed it, but each one of our cars has a little triangle arrow icon that points to which side the gas tank is on. There's a good chance that your car probably has one, too! A driver merely has to glance at the dashboard while approaching the gas station, to know how to position the car at the pump. 

Maybe everyone else already knows about this little convenient car feature. But just in case you don't, I am providing this valuable little nugget of knowledge to you today.

I hope it helps you to make the most of a moment by saving you a little time!

Do you have an easy time-saving travel tip you could share in the comments? If so, I hope you will. 

Please remember to social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, get vaccinated, and stay healthy. 


  1. Here's a tip - If you have a hard time remembering where you parked, especially at large lots like the airport, just snap a picture of the location so its right there in your phone when you need it.

    1. Such a great idea Laurie WJN! I hate that moment of panic when I lose my car, even in a grocery store parking lot! This most often happens when I forget that I didn't drive my car that day, but instead my husband's car. It's hard to find your car when you are looking for the wrong one.

  2. No tips to share, but I didn't know this, so I thank you for yours. I just asked my husband and he said "I never paid attention to the gas pump icon." Thank you for the Public Service Announcement!

  3. Ohmyword! I had to go out to my car and check. It's there! Eureka!
    My travel tip? Always have reservations. And let Husby drive so you can do important stuff. Like sleep...

    1. Yay! I've wondered what other useful information I've missed seeing on my dashboard all these years. And yes, we've often had to drive much further into the night than intended because we just figured we'd find a hotel along the way ... and then they were all full!

  4. I learned that one a while ago. And the person who told me (like your son) assumed that everyone knew it.
    I didn't.
    Mind you, the things I don't know would fill multiple volumes.

    1. I pay attention to detail ... but clearly not the details of all things! And yes, I am well aware there is much more that the things I do not know far outweigh the things I do!


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