Sunday, February 7, 2021

Don't Let Super Bowl Sunday Become Super-Spreader Sunday

man making chicken wings and giving the peace sign
We'll make chicken wings just for two today, as we have no guests coming to watch the Super Bowl.

I had no plans to write anything here today. But Super Bowl Sunday has me fired up. 

No, I'm not an avid football fan and I'm not passionate about who wins. Instead, I'm feeling fear, frustration, and anger at the possibility of Super Bowl events becoming COVID-19 super-spreaders. 

I feel I must weigh in with my two cents.

If people are not careful, today could become "Super-Spreader Sunday."

I was drinking my morning coffee and idly listening to a Sunday morning news show. The newscaster reminded us of what I'd already read, COVID-19 related hospitalizations have dropped to the lowest level since before Thanksgiving. Yay! But then she grimly commented that today has the potential of becoming a

virus superspreader day.

Why don't we learn from the lessons of the past?

Back in May, I published Pandemic Perspectives, an article comparing the impact of the current pandemic to that of the 1918 Spanish flu. I ended with, "Is the best way to fix our future to learn the lessons of the past?" Clearly, we have not learned well enough. 

We've repeatedly seen spikes in COVID-19 numbers after major holidays and large group gatherings. It is my hope we've all learned from this, but I fear people will still host and attend large Super Bowl parties today.

PLEASE don't do this.

It's the Super Bowl, not the Stupid Bowl

"If you have one of these irresponsible parties with a lot of people you’re gonna bring a gift home to a loved one and you’re gonna regret that, just don’t do it," he said. "It’s the Super Bowl, not the stupid bowl."

 We are all weary of social distancing. If we ever want to get back to "normal" we have to be smart and act responsibly. Make some yummy snacks and watch the game today with just the people in your "bubble." It may not be as fun as the parties of years past. But otherwise, the risk is just too great.

Please wear a mask, stay home, wash your hands, get vaccinated, and stay healthy.


  1. I hope not. I really hope not. However it appears that rights are more important than responsibilities for some of your countrymen too often and I fear it will be a super spreader.
    I hope that you and yours can stay safe.

    1. Humanity can be its own worst enemy. I'm hopeful people will finally figure out that their rights may not be what's right. Hoping you stay safe as well EC!


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