Thursday, July 24, 2014

Five Tips on Blogging and Life - from Other Websites

I've Been Away From My Blog for a Few Days ...

I  planned to tell you yesterday about some of the great things I have found on other websites the past few weeks.  That post never materialized on my blog, but today I have some good tips about life and blogging to share.

Since March 14th, I have been posting on my blog at least six days a week.  Until this week.

I was away from home from July 13th to the 22nd. Writing my blog was challenging with only limited access to the Internet. Sharing the posts I did manage to write on Social Media seemed complicated. One day I even realized I had been tweeting my posts from my daughter's Twitter account, because I was using her laptop and I hadn't logged into my own account.  Ooops!

Still, I managed to keep up with posting to my blog all of last week.  We were headed home on Sunday; I had a plan for Monday's post, and all would be well.  Until we had car trouble!  I am finally home - but my blogging received no attention during the past few days.  I've been feeling quite frustrated, but the first and last links I am sharing this week have helped me to put things into perspective.

#1.  Blog Tip
Fortunately, this evening I remembered an article I pinned on Pinterest, “I'm an Overwhelmed Blogger” by Julie Deneen. Reading it again has made me feeling a lot better, and I have realized I need to take some of Julie's advice. I especially like her reminder:  
“ ... I’ve done this so many times– forgotten to post and thought, “People are waiting for me and I’m not producing…”. I hate to break it to you, but people aren’t carefully monitoring you…or me. It’s okay. We aren’t on the nightly news.”
Julie is right  - the world won't stop spinning if I miss a day or two of blogging! Her article, and her website Fabulous Blogging contain huge amounts of excellent advice for all bloggers, both novice and experienced.

2.  Recipe
My kids love the fast food restaurant IN-N-OUT Burger, but unfortunately there are none of these restaurants in Montana. I haven't had a chance to try this recipe yet, but I was pretty excited to find an IN-N-OUT Burger Copycat Recipe from Leigh Anne at Your Homebased Mom. My family is going to be surprised when I make these!

At IN-N-OUT Burger in California, during Spring Break

3.  Cooking Tip
When I came across Maria's advice about Peeling Farm Fresh Eggs on her blog Five Simple Things, I knew I had to try her method.  I don't have chickens, so I don't have access to eggs immediately after they are laid, but even my store-bought eggs are sometimes hard to peel. When I followed Maria's directions for cooking and peeling hard boiled eggs, the eggs cooked perfectly and removing the shell was every bit as easy as she said it would be. I will be using this method from now on!

Once I cracked the shell and peeled off a small amount, the rest of the egg just slipped right out!

4.  Photography Tip
When I saw the tutorial Make the Shot: Spoon Reflection Photography on Boost Your Photography last week, I just had to try it!  My pictures did not come out as beautifully as the ones on Katie's website, but I am pretty happy with them as a first attempt!   I need to learn more about my camera to be able to follow her instructions for the settings, but even just using the automatic settings, her directions helped me create some interesting photos.

Spoon Photography - the entire spoon

Spoon Photography - this looks like an Easter Egg!

Spoon photography - now the hearts are right-side up
Spoon photography - reflecting upside down hearts

Spoon Photography - my “assistant” kept batting at the spoon!
My “assistant” - reflected in the spoon.

5. Blog Tip 
Starting a Blog is Like Having a Baby.  I completely agree with this title and post by Tammy Soong on Blogher.  I think most bloggers will enjoy her article and identify with her words.

My blog is still in its infancy.  It is demanding of my time, often keeps me up at night, requires constant feeding, and ... I adore it.  

I'm Back!

Writing this post, back at my own computer, I am settling back into the blogging groove.  I can't wait to get caught up with all of the posts that I have missed by my favorite bloggers, and I look forward to making the most - - of every moment better every day. In the meantime - I hope you find these links as helpful as I have, and visit all of the blogs where I found them.  

Did You Even Miss Me?

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  1. welcome back ...hope everything worked out well; car trouble and all.

    1. Thanks Marisa! We are still trying to decide if it is worth it or not to put a new transmission in my car ... but otherwise, everything is good and I am grateful to be home!

  2. I missed you, Susan! Good to have you back posting! I enjoy tips and look forward to checking these out. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sunshine Award on my blog today. You can read about it here. Thanks for being a blogging inspiration to me! :)

    1. Thanks Marie! I am so honored that you picked my blog as one to nominate for the Sunshine Award! I am happy that you find it inspiring!! I always enjoy yours as well!

  3. Welcome back. Your blog, your space. Post when you feel like it, have breaks when you feel like it. It is, (or should be) about having fun.

    1. You are so very right! My publishing requirements are all self-imposed ... I am a little like my daughter, when it comes to setting goals :)
      There will be more days when I do not post this summer - but getting back to it today reminded me why I have been publishing consistently ... it IS fun ! :)

  4. Spoon photography....whodathunkit.

    1. I know - right?! I never would have thought it up on my own!

  5. I definitely missed you! So glad you're back. I really enjoyed this post and the links. The spoon photography is so cool - might try it when I'm on vacation next week.

  6. Your husband is the best! What a wonderful surprise for you!! Baby surprises of any kind are pretty wonderful too! And I absolutely love how you just described a canoe as an escape. TOO funny!!


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