Saturday, April 2, 2016

Montanans Are Tough - But a "Bison Run" Down Main Street?

Montanans have faced many tough challenges in the history of the state, and cowboys often put themselves at risk. So, maybe it is understandable that I read about three-quarters of an article about a bison run on Main Street in Laurel, MT before I began to question the truth of it! Only then did I note that it was written on April Fool's Day.

Here's the link:

True or not, this story is entertaining, well-written and really not all that far-fetched in comparison to the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain.  

Mark Twain wisdom

Have you ever seen a bison (buffalo)? 
They are huge and can be very dangerous!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I have only seen images of bison. Majestic, beautiful - and best left to themselves.
    Sigh on the running of the bulls. And bull fighting too.

    1. I hope you someday get to see a bison EC - from a distance! I remember feeling sad about these near extinct creatures when I was in elementary school - but they have made a wonderful comeback, so much so that they are now raised as a foodsource. I love the traditions of Spain, but have always felt sad for the bulls. At least during the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, they get a little revenge - often goring inebriated humans silly enought to put themselves right in their path! :-0

  2. Great story - and their photoshop work was pretty amazing. I have seen a bison as there is a farm near my house. They're huge!

  3. We have a bison herd a couple of miles away. We just noticed it the other night when we were driving home. We used to see them on farms back in KY, but that's the first I've seen here in SC. Great trick though. I wonder how many fell for it.

  4. I've seen two bison, the Adelaide Zoo used to have a pair of them in a large enclosure. I stood and took photos of them until one decided I'd taken enough and came lumbering and snorting in my direction. It was about 18 years ago, before I had the digital camera and the photos are lost somewhere in a box in a suitcase that I can't reach without the tall ladder.


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