Thursday, April 14, 2016

7 Easy Ways to Make Someone's Day Better

My husband used my car to run some errands on Sunday, just before he went out-of-town for a few days. After he left, I experienced a warm, fuzzy filling when I discovered this little guy perched above my steering wheel, smiling right at me.

It was a silly little gesture by my husband - but I knew that I was being given a hug. He placed this happy little red doll (with his arms held out wide) right where I would see it, as a way of telling me he loves me.  It
only took a second for him to do it, but it made my day.

It is really not that hard to make someone's day better or make them feel special.

Here are seven easy ways it can be done:

  1. Hide a little love note in a family member's suitcase when they are traveling without you, so they find it on arrival to their destination. 
  2. After staying overnight in someone's home, leave a note of thanks on the bed or dresser. My parents have always done this for me, and it takes a little of the sadness out of saying goodbye when they leave.
  3. Give compliments to strangers. If you notice someone's child is well behaved, or you like a person's haircut, or the grocery checkout person is extremely efficient, then tell them.  A nice compliment may be just the thing to turn a day around that otherwise may not be so great.
  4. Let someone go ahead of you in line, especially if it looks like they are in a hurry.
  5. If your spouse or roommate always makes the coffee or unloads the dishwasher, surprise him/her by getting it done first.
  6. Call someone you haven't seen for a while, and tell them you have been thinking about them. 
  7. Smile at people. If a little red plastic guy can cause me to smile back at him, imagine what a real human smile can do.
My little red friend has kept me company in the car since Sunday. Every time I've looked at him, my heart has felt a little fuller and the day has seemed a little brighter. 

When was the last time someone did something so special it made your day?

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  1. How sweet! Random acts of kindness are so simple and mean so much. Great post, and great suggestions Susan!

  2. What a sweet thing to do! An what great suggestions! Easily done. Simple. But so sweet!

  3. Such a kind thing to do. It took but a second to perch him on your dashboard and look at the reaction he's causing! Love it. You've got a lovely list of kind things here, Susan. I think the last kind thing someone did for me was to let me go ahead of them in line. That made such a difference. I had one or two items and they had a huge pile. I was prepared to wait but their kindness let me zip ahead and get out the door. Also - love the idea of leaving a note of thanks. I've thought of doing it but never have. Now I will. Thanks, Susan.

  4. What a lovely gesture.
    I do some of these already. And I make a point of writing letters complimenting a firm or a service which has been helpful. If I write when they get it wrong, it seems only fair to also write when they get it right.

  5. What a sweet little smiling man!
    I do random acts of kindness when I can.

  6. good advice and i do love little surprises too... wonderful reminders as well!

  7. We practice alot of these in our home but some i have never thought of, great read.

  8. I love it when my husband gives me something special (gift giving is really important to him and I need to step up my game there!) I also think compliments - especially unexpected ones are a way of making someone's day. Lovely post Susan :)

  9. Aw lovely, I'm glad you've included all these because often we forget to do these acts of kindness!

  10. I LOVE this!!!
    I try and make a habit when I go through the drive-thru and have an extra $5 to give it to the cashier to pay for a few coffees. I never see who gets the coffee, but I know the feeling of receiving a small gift like that and it can change your outlook for the day. An added bonus, I always feel happier after doing it!


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