Friday, September 25, 2015

My List of Fabulous Finds: 12 Helpful Resources!

I mentioned earlier that I have been making some changes to my blog design and organization. 

For my List of Fabulous Finds this week, I am providing links to some of the resources that have been helpful throughout this process.  

All of these services can be used on a Blogger platform, and offer support in addition to the services already provided there.

Whether or not you have a website, if you do any creative work on a computer you may find about the first half of these links helpful.  

If you are a blogger, all the other links may be useful to you, as well. 


Here are this week's links:

1. How to create a free online signature: My Live Signature
Here's mine: 
2. How to get a darker/lighter shade of any color: HTML Color Picker

3. My preferred online photo editor: Ribbet

4. A huge collection of free fonts that can be added to your computer: Google Fonts

5. A page creation tool useful for creating printable recipes: Google Sites

6. A useful way to search or share recipes: 
I hope you use my Yum button on my posts, to share some of the recipes I publish!

7. “Manage your recipes and add a professional recipe page to your blog... for free!”: ReciPage

8. Create indexes of recipes or posts using photo galleries (I haven't tried this yet): Inlinkz

9. Add custom share buttons to your posts: Shareaholic
Mine look like this:

10. My new email subscription service is now: 
Powered by MailChimp

11. Generate a disclosure policy for your blog:

12. Add a print button to your posts: Print Friendly

13. Code it Pretty and xomisse both offer detailed tutorials for adding a new Related Posts Gallery for Blogger.

14. If your website is on Blogger and you need any website help, I would highly recommend  the Blogger consultant: Kim Six Blogger Support!

She is very helpful and extremely patient, and I don't think there is anything she cannot do! 

At some point in the future, I may provide some more information about some of the services I mentioned here. Until then, however, if I've been able to figure them out, you probably will too!

I hope you find this list helpful - and I can't wait for you to see the rest of the changes we are working on for my blog ! I am pretty excited about them!

Have you ever used ReciPage or InLinkz? 
I'd love to know the pros and cons!

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In the spirit of full disclosure, this post may contain an affiliate link. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of them, the price you pay will not be affected but I may receive some small compensation. All opinions expressed, however, are entirely honest and my own.


  1. I always get my blog ideas from you Susan! Thanks so much for the links. I'm loving the new look on your blog, and I will check some of these out. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Lana - I have noticed some new cool updates on your blog as well! I hope you have a wonderful weekend too - and enjoy your anniversary!!!

  2. Some intriguing links I will have to explore. In the fullness of time.
    Thank you - and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. "in the fullness of time" - what a descriptive term! I hope you are having a terrific weekend as well.

  3. All very helpful by the sounds of EC...when I have spare time I will definitely have a good look at them all. :)

  4. Great tips Susan! I did the disclosure and made another signature for my other site and then I went to Yummly. Oh my word! I had to escape quickly! It looked amazing in there and I didn't want to get sidetracked right now! I will be going back there this evening though! I am going to start taking recipes from Pinterest and trying them. If they are garbage they will be deleted. I'm trying to learn to cook better!

    1. I'm glad it helped you Rena! And I know exactly what you mean about the temptations of Yummly! I am really hoping some of my recipe posts get "yummed" (or shared there), as I think it is a great site! Good for you, working on your cooking skills ... again, do you ever sleep??!

  5. This is fantastic, Susan! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I always like sharing something good when I find it, Diane. Sort of one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place - to help others make the most of their moments! :)


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