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Lemonade and a Pleasant Conversation

Due to a busy schedule (or probably more accurately, poor time management!) I haven't written anything using the Words for Wednesday Challenge for a while - even though it was my turn this month to supply the prompts! 

Today, so I can get caught up, I am publishing a chapter of my fictional short story, "The Mindy Story" using the last six of the words from the prompt on Wednesday, September 16th, and the first six words posted on Wednesday, September 23rd.

At the end of this post, there will be a sneak peak of this week's prompt. Tomorrow, I will post a full explanation of the rules, and I will also then reveal how I have been picking these words all month!

Now - for another chapter in the unpredictable life of Mindy ...
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lemonade, powdered lemonade mix, Country Time Lemonade

Lemonade and Pleasant Conversation

The sunshine was not as intense as it had been while she was weeding, but Mindy was enjoying sitting on Ryan's lovely deck. She had gotten there just after he arrived home from work, and he had invited her to
stay for dinner. The mild breeze ruffled the flag and gently kicked up some of the bark mulch in Ryan's flower beds.  Mindy could hear the musical tones of a clarinet drifting over from a neighbor's house. She knew that Ryan had prepared the pitcher of lemonade from a can of powdered lemonade mix, but it tasted just like the homemade kind her grandmother used to make.

Ryan had listened intently as she outlined her plan to bake and sell cookies. She had almost blurted out how the money could go towards a nice honeymoon for them, but caught herself just in time when she remembered they hadn't even ever had a conversation about getting married! After explaining what she considered to be a brilliant and foolproof plan, she asked him what he thought of the idea.

"Oh Mindy, there really isn't such a thing as a get-rich plan.  Those sorts of plans are rarely honest, and they often involve a lot more work than it would originally seem," said Ryan.  "I know you would never intentionally cheat someone else, so I'm sure you just haven't considered how doing this would be like stealing from the person who placed the ad.  It is their recipe, and you would be taking their business right from under their nose."

Mindy swirled the ice in her cup, took a sip, and then groaned loudly. She said, "Well, when you say it like that, I guess that's exactly what I would be doing. I was just so mad about all the interruptions I was getting from people at my door! I guess I was feeling a little entitled to an opportunity that isn't mine to have. You're right, I shouldn't do it. Those cookies would have been a lot of work to make, anyway."

"Hold on Mindy, before you throw out that recipe you found doing an Internet search, I wouldn't mind if you made up a batch of those chocolate-coffee-toffee-cookies for me! I am a real fan of coffee ... and chocolate ... and toffee! 

"How on earth though, Ryan, am I going to get rid of all those people wanting cookies? I don't know anything about the person who placed the ad, not even their name.  The only contact information I have for her is MINE!" The level of Mindy's voice rose a bit with her frustration.

"Mindy, you just have to call the classified section of the paper. They can print a correction with the correct address, and contact the person who placed the ad. Your interruptions should dwindle," said Ryan.

"You're right - I should have realized that. I guess I 'm not thinking clearly," said Mindy. "I will call first thing in the morning."

"Speaking of food,"  said Ryan, "I had better go check on our dinner. I have been having some technical difficulty with my crock pot. The automatic timer on it doesn't work any more. I better make sure it didn't shut itself off. When that happens, I have to finish cooking the food in the oven."

Suddenly, Ryan leaned over and gave Mindy a kiss.  "You know," he said, "even though I saw a flaw in your plan, I really do admire your entrepreneur-like tendencies and creative ideas. One of these days you will hit on a plan to pursue your passions, and I bet you make a lot of money while doing it! I really am looking forward to seeing that happen!"

Ryan got up and walked through the screen door into the kitchen.  Mindy finished her lemonade and then followed him in, smiling broadly. She was thrilled that he had referred to them still being together in the future! Was he close to asking her to marry him!?

The word prompts that I used in this story segment  (from past Words for Wednesday challenges) were:

lemonade, deck, musical, automatic, flag, search (from 9-16-15)
timer, sunshine, fan, bark, technical, crock pot (from 9-23-15) 

For those of you who don't just can't wait - here is the Words for Wednesday prompt for 9/30/15:
album, lunar, sparkle, furry, sconce, inquire
builder, contract, attend, ultimately, land line, fall

You can leave your writing with these words, or a link to it, in the comment section of this post, or the one I publish tomorrow.

I will be reposting this prompt tomorrow. with the full Words for Wednesday instructions. It will by my last time to host Words For Wednesday - next week the prompts will by published on the blog, Elephant's Child.

What do you think? Is Ryan as serious about a future together with Mindy as she seems to be?

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  1. Ha! I love how you are continuing this story on! It's like a weekly soap opera that everyone is following! I'm going to take a little blogging break for a week or so, but I'll be back soon more organized and with a lot more content. I'm taking some online courses to start my web business and I really want to take a break and concentrate on getting prepared for the future. I'm also going to do my second edit on my book. I hope you will be one of my readers when I get it finished!

    1. I'm not one to watch soap operas - - how funny that I am writing one! Enjoy your break Rena! you are so productive, I can't imagine you being even more organized! I would love to hear more about the classes you are going to take - and I can't wait to read your book!!

  2. I love this! These people are so real to me. Well done!!!

  3. You are continuing to weave such a great story for Mindy. You have such talent as a fiction writer! Glad Ryan talked her out of the cookie scheme! Can't wait to see how you pick your words - I can't figure it out.

    1. Thanks Lana - yes, the cookie scheme would have been a mistake!

  4. I'm glad too that Ryan talked Mindy out of the cookie scheme. I'm hopeful that they will stay together, but would like to read a few more adventures before they decide whether or not to marry.

    1. I'm not sure yet how many more chapters there will be - but so glad you are wanting more, instead of begging me to end this ;)

  5. Ryan is good for Mndy. He brings her down to earth again. I suspect that she is good for him too - and reminds him that flying isn't out of the question. They could have a wonderful future together - but it won't be smooth.

    1. From how well I know Ryan so far, I really like him too, EC. And most wonderful futures rarely turn out to be smooth!


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