Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Spotlight #7: A Life-Saving Valentine.

Valentine's Day has been dubbed by some people a "Hallmark Holiday." While it is true that sometimes cards are bought more out of obligation and timing than loving sentiment, February 14th can be a nice opportunity for expressions of love. The romance of the holiday can be special, but having been a cardiac nurse I see Valentine's day as an opportunity to promote something even more important.

Valentine's Day is synonymous with pink or red hearts. The colorful heart shapes of the holiday can be easily created, by folding a sheet of paper, then drawing half an elliptical shape that comes down to a point,with either end of the line touching the fold.  Cut along the line and open the paper, and voila, a heart shape appears.

The human heart, however, looks nothing like a Valentine's Day heart.  It is about the size of a fist: a hollow pump with four chambers and vessels coming out both the top and bottom.  Most people would not consider it pretty, but it is truly a beautiful piece of human machinery. My Saturday Spotlight today shines upon this remarkable body part!

Valentine's Day presents the perfect occasion to pay attention to more than just hearts of the artistic or emotional variety. This “heart holiday” is the perfect reminder to us all to pay some attention to the thick muscular organ that lies in our chests, and works rhythmically to keep our oxygenated blood circulating throughout our bodies. Just like the muscles that enable us to lift heavy objects, run, or appear lean and fit; our heart muscle deserves attention.

Perhaps Valentine's Day could be a reminder for us all to:

The list of things we can do to improve our own heart health, and to ensure the well being of others can go on and on. There are many resources available for educating oneself, and it is well worth the time to do so. Your Heart Health Protocol is an article with some good tips on how to protect your heart.

Still not convinced that all of the things listed above can make a difference? Here's a story about how some of them saved the life of a person who suffered a heart attack while attending an elementary school Christmas concert.

February is American Heart Month.  In addition to giving a gift of love, Valentine's Day is a wonderful time to also give a gift that supports life - to yourself or someone else!

Know the warning signs of a heart attack, and what to do if you or someone you are with experiences them.  Understand your cardiac risk factors, and take steps to reduce them. Paying attention to heart health could be a more precious Valentine than any candy, flower, or jewelry.

Have you ever taken a CPR Class?


  1. Thanks for the great advice for Valentine's Day. Have a good one!

  2. Thanks Lynn! I hope your Valentine's Day is lovely too!

  3. This is all such great information. We are celebrating the awesomeness of the heart this week. We went to the cardiologist and all of baby Izzy's heart problems have corrected themselves over the last several weeks. So we are beyond excited hoping the heart monitor and oxygen will be coming off after a last test on the 23rd!

    1. I am so relieved and happy to hear that Izzy's heart problems are behind her! She is a little fighter <3

  4. Such a great post, and very helpful information. I've had various heart issues since my late teens, so I'm always very aware of my heart! Hope you had a great trip and a wonderful Valentine's weekend!

    1. Glad to hear that you are taking care of it Lana! Finally getting a minute to get caught up with comments on my blog today - I am WAY behind, but I hope your Valentine's day was nice also!

  5. Nice reminder .... thank you.


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