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Red Velvet Pretzel-Heart Candy - for Your Valentine!

Valentine's day is a chocolate holiday. Chocolate roses, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and heart-shaped boxes are all iconic gifts and dessert-menu items of this holiday.

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Red Velvet is a flavor that has gained in popularity recently. It seems to be a flavor with some romance associated with it, and the red color is perfect for Valentine's day.

“Velvet cake,” according to The New York Times, date back to the 1800's, when cooks added almond flour, cornstarch, or cocoa to produce a cake with a velvety texture, as these ingredients softened the protein in flour. I have read all sorts of theories as to why the early Red Velvet cakes had a reddish hue - everything from the addition of beet juice to the batter; to a chemical reaction with the vinegar, buttermilk and baking soda; to a difference in the way cocoa was made in those days.  I can't begin to sort-out what is fact and fiction, but I do know that today's recipes for Red Velvet cake call for quite a bit of red food coloring.

Regardless of its origin, it seems that Red Velvet has become a very popular flavor in the past few years. Red Velvet cake mixes, cupcakes, ice cream, cake pops, candy, Poptarts, and even Red Velvet Oreos are now available for purchase! Some purists are squawking, but sales seem to indicate that the general public is in favor of these items!

Last week I was in a Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store and I noticed Wilton's Red Velvet Candy Melts. Right away, I had an idea of what I could do with them, so I purchased a bag.

I may not have come up with my idea, had I not just recently seen a post on Pinterest from Simplee Thrifty for some cute little Pretzel Chicks.  I paid attention to it, because for years I have made pretzel candies by melting Hershey Hugs on pretzels in the oven - but I had never used candy melts the way she described.  

As soon as I saw the Red Velvet Candy Melts, something clicked in my brain. I realized the outer shape of a traditional tiny pretzel is the shape of a heart. I pictured using the Red Velvet Candy melts to make some cute little red heart-shaped candies!

red velvet, Homemade Candy, Valentine's day

My idea worked - and while the color is more burgundy than red or pink, the pretzel candies are both cute and delicious!  Here is how I made them:

Red Velvet Heart Candies

You will need:

traditionally shaped Mini Pretzels
Heart shaped sprinkles (optional - I prefer without!)
Waxed or Parchment paper
Ziplock bag and scissors
tall glass
Stove or microwave

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How to make the candies:

  • Line a cutting board or cookie sheet with parchment paper or waxed paper
  • Melt Red Velvet Candy Melts according to the directions*
  • Place a zip lock sandwich bag inside a tall class and fold the sides down around the sides of the glass.
*I find melting small quantities  of the candy at a time is easier to work with than a large amount.

  • Carefully pour or spoon the melted candy in to the bottom of the bag, trying to keep it off the sides of the glass
  • Twist the top of the bag closed doubling it over and twisting so the air is pressed out of the bag.

  • Carefully cut a very tiny corner of the bag off - holding it so the melted and does not run out. Remember - you can always cut it bigger if you need to, but you can't make it smaller!
  • Quickly and carefully pipe the candy so that it floods the inside of each pretzel. Smooth it out with a metal spatula, if necessary, so that it resembles a flat heart shape.

  • If desired, add candy heart sprinkles. (I started to, but decided the candies looked better without them.)
  • Let harden
  • Store in a sealed container for several days  - you may want to hide them. Otherwise they won't last long!
red velvet pretzel candies
As pretty as these candies are, they taste even better!

Do you make or buy Valentine's Day gifts and treats?

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  1. These are SO cute! I just had to share them on my fb page. =0)

    1. Thanks for sharing them Kim! I have been so out of touch on social media while traveling - looking forward to catching up on everyone's posts!

  2. How 'bout you make 'em - I'll watch and then eat. They look fabulous. Sorry about your computer -- it is so upsetting when that happens.

    1. Wish you could have had some Carol ... actually I sent almost all of them to my daughter, so I wouldn't be tempted!!

  3. Not for me I don't think. Which given my ever increasing girth is a good thing. A very good thing.

    1. I always am happy when something with a lot of calories does not interest me!

  4. We don't bother about Valentines Day for the adults but we do make it special for the kids.

    1. Our Valentine's Day practices vary ... but I can't help but like a holiday devoted to flowers and chocolate!

  5. These look really good, and I know the boys would love them!

  6. You never cease to amaze me in the last 30 minutes you've taught me to back up my computer, get out of a ditch and still have time to make candy! You must be Superwoman!!!!!!

  7. You never cease to amaze me in the last 30 minutes you've taught me to back up my computer, get out of a ditch and still have time to make candy! You must be Superwoman!!!!!!

    1. Well Rena - when you put it that way ... ! Too funny!!

  8. These are so cute! Thanks for linking up to Awesome Life Friday! We will be pinning this post - can't wait to see what you're sharing this week!

    1. Thanks for pinning it Lynda! I have been traveling and haven't had time for much blog interactions - but looking forward to getting back at it soon! The Awesome Life Friday is "awesome!"


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