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Perfect Partyware. Even if Your Dishwasher Works!

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It's a Holiday - so of course my dishwasher broke!

It seems like a cliché that a major appliance will break on Christmas.  Yet, on December 22nd the handle of our dishwasher broke. We thought the dishwasher was simply going to remain locked until a repair person could arrive. However, since a model number was needed to order a part, and the only place it could be found was INSIDE the dishwasher, I figured out how to open it.  My husband has decided I have found my calling - I should be a burglar with these lock-picking skills! (Umm - no thanks!)

Currently, an off-set spatula and a flashlight are required to open our dishwasher door!

Paper plates - - nice enough to use for company!

Even though I now can get the dishwasher open, the difficulty of doing so has limited how much we are actually using it until the repair person can (hopefully) fix it on Tuesday. Under normal circumstances, I would not use paper plates on special occasions. Fortunately though, PartyPail had recently sent me a sample box of beautiful disposable holiday partyware, so I could write a review about their products.  I decided they were so pretty it would be fine to use them for our Christmas Eve meal, even with company coming.  

The samples I received included:
  • 1 silver centerpiece
  • 8 small (7 inch) plates
  • 8 large (10 inch) plates
  • 16 small napkins
  • 16 large napkins
  • 8 place settings (fork, knife, spoon) of Glittering Silver Glitz plastic cutlery
I was very pleased with how well these products complemented my linens, charger plates, and other ornaments. I think they made my table and appetizer buffet quite lovely.  What do you think? 

Appetizers set out on a table in our living room
The silver centerpiece added sparkle to the table
I traditionally use these deer candle holders at Christmas - they seemed to suit the reindeer on the plates and napkins.
The silver centerpiece (which I used on my appetizer table) is just as pretty from one side as the other. It had to be assembled, but this was simply a matter of pulling each section over, removing the protective strip and pressing the adhesive to the base.  A tiny section of the cardboard base remained visible, but was easily hidden by placing dishes near it.

I liked that I was provided with more napkins than plates.  I was able to set out napkins for appetizers and the main meal, and then provide fresh ones to everyone to use for dessert.

The plates are a nice weight, the perfect size,  and very sturdy.

I am pretty particular about what spoon I eat high quality ice cream or soup with, so for these items I might prefer a metal spoon. For some meats, I might provide a steak knife instead of just this plastic one. But for most foods, these are almost like the real thing!  

I was worried the glittery silverware would be rough to eat off. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that it was very smooth. So pretty, too, that my daughter asked if we would be washing it instead of just throwing it away. With most plastic-ware, this would not even have been a thought! 

It was nice to not have a bunch of dishes to wash after an enjoyable dinner party.  If my dishwasher had not been broken, I might not have thought to use these Party Pail products for our Christmas Eve meal.  And I actually think my decor might not have been as festive!

My Christmas Eve table - ready for guests!
I think the “Dashing Prancer” design on these plates could be appropriate any time during December or January - not just on Christmas!

PartyPail has nice selection of paper themes to choose from.  Now I'm wondering if there is still time to order plates for New Years! If you are interested in seeing their products, just click on the PartyPail banner below!*

* 9/9/15 Update: The PartyPail online store and affiliate program will be shutting down this month, and as instructed, I have removed any links to their website from my blog.

Have you ever had a major appliance break during the holidays?

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  1. Those supplies were too pretty not to use! Your table looks so lovely and festive. I really like the plasticware - I've never seen any like that before. Sorry about your dishwasher - I would hate to have mine out of commission! Hope it's fixed soon!

    1. Thanks Lana. I hadn't seen any plasticware like this before either! And hopefully - ! - my dishwasher will be fixed this week!

  2. Gorgeous! With our crew (Seating 28 this year!) I could definitely have used this! Pretty. Sturdy. And disposable. A Christmas miracle!
    P.S. Your table looked fabulous!

    1. Dishwasher or not - I would be using disposable dinnerware if I was feeding 28 Diane!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  3. They have quite the selection...I'll have to remember that.

    1. I'm impressed by what they have to offer. I would have loved their ladybug line, for some past birthday parties for my daughter!

  4. It looks very stylish - and practical. A win.
    Our biggest Christmas disaster was the death of the fridge on Christmas Eve - remembering that Christmas falls in the middle of our summer. All the food had been bought, and we couldn't find anyone to repair it for some days. Bags of ice in the bathtub saved some of the food but it wasn't fun. At all.
    The year after the car exploded on Christmas Eve. Dramatic, expensive and less inconvenient that the fridge fatality.

    1. Oh my EC! I can't imagine having my fridge fail when planning a big dinner in the middle of summer! Stressful, indeed!! And having a car explode would be bad any time of year!!! I hope this year was uneventful!

  5. All beautiful and party worthy! #winning

  6. My clothes dryer broke just before Thanksgiving. We still don't have a replacement yet (but looking, at least). And it's funny, you show that little spatula in your photo, because that's my favorite cookie spatula! =0)

    I visited just yesterday and thought I left a comment here. I commented about the pretty cutlery. I agreed with your daughter about washing it and keeping the set. lol - It's something I would totally do!
    Anyway, I came back to this post, for some reason. And then I saw my comment wasn't here. So I thought I'd leave another.


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