Friday, June 13, 2014

Words to Live By: MORE and LESS. Week 12

If you are new to my blog, this is what this weekly series is all about:
One of my notepads lists some ways we should live more and live less.  Inspired by this message on Friday, March 28th, 2014 I wrote a post about "Words to Live By."  I decided to make weekly updates to this post, until I start repeating myself!  I promise each weekly update will contain more information than just the five new phrases though!
 Readers are invited to use the comment section below, if they have new ideas of "words to live by" which would complete the phrase _____________ more. ______________ less."  
(Any time I use an idea that is not mine, I will credit the contributor and their blog, if they have one. Just keep it family friendly, please!)

Here Are the Ideas for This Week:

1. Honesty More. Hiding Less.
  • The post in this series last week addressed the recent school shootings.  A number of readers left comments and suggestions of phrases relate to tragedies of that type.  
  • More Honesty. Less hiding.” was suggested by Marisa B. of the blog Mangia, Mangia ...No Talk!  
  • Roz Warren recommends, “More treatment,early intervention and support for folks challenged with mental health problems more. AND BAN GUNS!!”

2. Tip More.  Complain less.

Servers count on tips to help pay their bills.

  • People can sometimes be on their worst behavior when dining out.  It is easy to be critical of the server.  We feel entitled because we are paying for our meal, but preparing and serving food is a difficult task to do well.  (I know this to be true, just based on the experiences from my own kitchen!)  So next time, before you begin to complain, think for a minute about how busy your server might be. And don't forget to leave them a good tip!

3. Plan more.  Miss out on less.

A wall calendar is a good way to keep track of commitments.
Keeping track of our busy lives is difficult - and practically impossible without a planning calendar!  My family uses a master wall calendar to record all of our activities and appointments.  

  • Sometimes things still get missed.  During a particularly hectic week, we received an email invitation to a graduation party.  I thought my husband had R.S.V.P.’d and he thought the same of me.  I am embarrassed to admit that neither one of us did - and to make matters worse, it never got recorded on the calendar.  The day after the party, we realized we had missed it.  It was a graduate we would have really loved to celebrate. 

4. Pay credit bills more.  Pay interest less.

Credit cards are for convenience - not to spend more than you can afford!
  • Pay every credit card bill you receive in-full and on-time!  
  • If you can't afford to do so, don't spend that money in the first place! 
Paying interest on these bills is like throwing money away!!

5.  Make friends more.  Make enemies less.

Pluto is a pretty friendly guy!
To view ideas from previous posts please click on the page tab “Words to Live By: More and Less” at the top of this blog .  The list has grown too large to include here!

This notepad is from the Eccolo World Traveler "Lofty Thinking" collection.  The author of the words is unknown.

Note:  For the past 12 weeks, I have been posting in this series weekly. I plan to continue adding to this series, but on a less regular basis, so that I have more time to write about other things.  

 I'm trying to live more, not less.  How about you?  
What suggestions do you have?


  1. Great additions to the list. Love the Pluto picture! Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Lana. I hope you are having a good weekend too!

  2. Thank you for including my comment...that subject whew...! is a tough one for me... but today I leave you with

    more thought....less impatient

    what I mean we need to think about how we approach everyone we meet the waitress, the store clerk, the gas attendant, our children, a coworker...its a cliche but so true we all have a story! Let's be nice people!

    1. Hi Marisa. I like this new suggestion, and the reasoning behind it. Thanks for providing it. This series will not longer be published every week, but you will see it in a future post :) And yes, we do all have a story. I was thinking the same thing when I wrote my post, The Complexity, Joy and Pain of Human Interaction on May 5, 2014.


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