Monday, June 16, 2014

An Answer to the Question on Saturday's Post

On Saturday, I posted some scenic photos, and asked readers if they could identity the location where they were taken.  I promised to post the answer today on my blog.

The location in the photos is:

The Wild Horses Monument and views of the Columbia River, in Washington State.

While traveling east on I-90, (from Ellensburg,WA, just after crossing the Columbia River and before Moses Lake, WA) there is a scenic pullout, at exit 139.  It was from this pullout that the photos were taken. The steel horses apparently been there since 1989 and were sculpted by David Govedare.

We have always been in too great of a hurry to do so, but one day I want to hike up to see these beautiful sculptures up-close.  

I did get to see them from the pullout twice in the past few weeks though - once returning with my husband and son from a soccer tournament in Seattle; and once a few days ago when I picked my daughter up from college.



My husband took the photo with my son on our camera.  The photo of my daughter and I is a "selfie" on an iPhone, as we were the only people at the pullout at the time!  The horses are harder to see in the photo with my daughter, but both were taken from approximately the same spot.

If you ever are on this stretch of I-90, it is well worth the stop to admire these views and sculptures.

Did you recognize this place when you saw the photos on Saturday?


  1. Great pictures with your kids! We've been by there so many times I've lost count, but we've never hiked up to the horses before either. Need to do that someday.

    1. I had a feeling you would know where this was! Traveling this road twice in just over 2 weeks, was a bit much - but the soccer weekend was really fun (and I got to meet you Lana!) - and bringing my daughter home for the summer made every one of the 1200 mile round-trip worthwhile!

  2. Susan, I am so glad you followed me on Google+! I am a born and bred Montanan, although I am currently calling New Mexico home. It is great to see your pretty pictures of the Rocky Mountains and Northwest. I always forget how much I miss it until it is right in front of me. Your newest follower!

    1. Hi Julia! I hope my blog doesn't make you miss Montana too much, but rather encourage you to return for a visit! I've been saddened by the fires in CA and NM this year - hope you and those you know haven't been adversely affected by them. I know when the forests burn in MT, even just the smoke and cinders can travel miles and miles. If I didn't live here, the dessert would be a top choice of mine. I will enjoy following your blog as well - I love the name!


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