Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Break 2014, California

                                                                   March 21-29, 2014

Since our kids had exactly the same days off for spring break this year, we planned a family trip.  My husband, son, and I met up with our daughter (coming from college) at the airport in California.  We spent part of a day on the California coast, and then drove to the vacation home we had rented for a week in Palm Springs.  None of us had ever been to Palm Springs, but it exceeded all of our expectations.  We had a wonderful week enjoying sunshine, warm temperatures, family time and the desert.

California landscaping looked especially
beautiful after the snow we left behind!
I got some help with free advertising for this blog :)
We are standing in front of a Joshua tree.  These
Dr. Seuss trees are not really trees, but Yucca, and
they can grow up to 40 feet tall!

This 26-foot statue of Marilyn Monroe will soon be moved from Palm Springs to New Jersey.  Many people were downtown
for a send-off party for "Forever Marilyn" while we were there.


  Meals by the pool!

A grapefruit tree was growing right
outside our sliding glass door
Who doesn't love palm trees?

Our vacation rental home was absolutely perfect!
We loved the color scheme and 1950's decor.
And the heated pool was pretty amazing too.

This chair sort of reminded me of the one in the
children's t.v. show, "Blue's Clues"

We drove by some of the biggest windmill farms I have ever seen.


Sand Storm in the Desert!
Almost like driving in snow.

We drove right out of the sand storm,
as we ascended over 2000 feet to Joshua Tree National Park. 
 It was cooler than we expected at that elevation - but well worth the visit!

Cholla Cactus

I couldn't decide if 
the mountains, 
the vegetation 
or the rock formations 
were the most spectacular 
features of the park.  
It was all impressive.


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