Friday, June 23, 2023

Do You Read More at Certain Times of the Year than Others?

 Is There a Reading Season?

set of old red reading primers on a shelf
Image by author, Susan Foster

Some people think of summer as the time for reading novels. Their favorite time to read is at the beach, on an airplane headed to a vacation destination, or maybe even during a long car ride, if they're traveling as a passenger and not prone to motion sickness!

Other people may be more likely to pick up a novel during the winter and read curled up by the fire or cuddled under blankets in bed, spending the long dark evenings under the spell of a book.

Me–I read fiction any season, anytime, and as much as I can. I have always loved books. Maybe that's why, instead of just reading fiction, I now write it, too.

What I'm Reading Now

I just finished Rock, Paper, Scissors by Alice Feeny, and it kept me up quite late a couple of nights. It was a real page-turner, the kind that really keeps the reader guessing.

Next up, I'm going to read The Bird Cage, a novella by Krista Lynn White. I've met Krista through the Women's Fiction Writer's Association, and I really can't wait to read this book. I't gotten wonderful reviews and for a limited time–RIGHT NOW (June 23-25, 2023)–it is FREE on Amazon!

How about you?

  • When do you like to read?
  • What books have you enjoyed lately?
Leave a comment and let me know if you read either of the books I've recommended today.
And hurry and grab your free ebook of The Bird Cage before the price goes up!

Happy reading!



  1. How lovely to see a post from you. It has been too long.
    Every season is reading season for me. I read for comfort, for education and for escape...

    1. And how very nice to hear from you!
      I've taken a very lengthy break from all things blogging and social media, for a variety of reasons. I've missed this blog and my blogging companions though, and I hope to find my way back to the blogosphere. Re-entry is a little hard!
      I've actually thought of you quite often ... iI've not been posting, but I have been writing my first novel, the seed of which grew out of the series of short stories I wrote for "Words for Wednesday."
      I hope all is well with you, E.C. I will try to be better again about visiting your blog. I always enjoy it so much when I do!


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