Wednesday, January 20, 2021

A New Day in the USA!

dog, sunset
Our dog, contemplating the promise of a new day... or just looking for deer!


Today, the United States inaugurated Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States and swore in Kamala Harris as Vice President. The ceremony went off without a hitch. The speeches, music, and poetry were uplifting and held a promise of hope many of us have not felt for four years; particularly in the last two weeks. Regardless of who we may have voted for, it is time for America to heal and unite. We can celebrate that our constitution held fast and our democracy remains intact.

President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden, Inauguration day

Photo of my tv screen: President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden walk from the motorcade to the White House.

While recent current events have been unfolding, I've been reading a young adult novel called The Night Diary by Veera Hiranandani. It is a 2019 Newbery Honor book, told as letters/diary entries written by a young half-Muslim, half-Hindu girl to her deceased mother. She shares her perspective of the events in 1947 when India became independent of British rule and separated into two countries: India and Pakistan. Hindus and Sikhs would occupy the new area designated as India and the Muslims would live in Pakistan. This meant the uprooting of many families, sometimes violently. Many perished in the migration.

When I closed my Kindle last night, I thought about what would happen here if Americans ever split up our country. Can you imagine being uprooted and told you had to move to a different place; just based on the way you voted, your religion, or the color of your skin? It is too awful to even contemplate.

Yet, we must never take democracy and our freedom for granted. And we must all work to rectify the deplorable fact that not all residents of this country enjoy the same privileges, opportunities, and freedoms. 

V.P. Kamala Harris on steps of the Capitol

Photo of my tv screen:    Madam Vice President!

I've considered returning to this blog for a while. Since today is a "new day" for America, it seems like as good a time as any to publish a post here and visit my social media accounts. 

Whether I'm reviving this blog or just dropping in for a quick visit remains to be seen. I am excited to share with you some creative ways I've found in the past few years to make the most of every moment, so I think you can expect at least a few more posts from me. I hope you find them helpful, informative or entertaining.

President Biden and Vice President Harris have a staggering amount of work ahead of them on many fronts, but today they gave me hope. 

We heard a call for unity and national decency from Biden and Harris; as well as from past presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. 

Obama reminded us, “…we can have a fierce disagreements and yet recognize each other’s common humanity and that, as Americans, we have more in common than what separates us.”

Let's all take their lead, and try to be kind and respect others. Also, please practice social distancing, wash your hands, wear a mask, get vaccinated, and stay healthy! 

~Susan 😷

P.S. Just one more thought ... how about Amanda Gorman! Wow. I'm not sure if I am more impressed by the words of the poem she wrote or her delivery of them. I suspect she might be on that Inaugural stage again someday!

(edited 1/22/21)


  1. How lovely to see a post from you.
    A new and jopeful day for your country - and indeed for the world.
    And Amanda Gorman blew me away.

    1. I had seen an interview with Amanda Gordan prior to the Inauguration, and I couldn't wait to hear her recite her poem. She is very talented and bright, and her personality seems as sunny as was the color of her coat! <3

  2. I loved every second of the inauguration especially Amanda's performance. I agree she will someday be standing there with her hand on the bible.


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