Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Vanished Flight MH370: New Answers or Just More Speculation?

During March, 2014 a Malaysia Airlines passenger plane mysteriously disappeared. It seems so inconceivable that 12 crew members and  227 passengers could just simply vanish. I watched the news closely, expecting to hear any day that the plane had been found. Unlikely as it was, I hoped that somehow the passengers would be found, safe and sound. I even wrote about it one of my first posts on this blog, Flight MA 370: Hidden in Plain Sight?

By December 2014, there were still no answers to the mystery of what had happened to the plane. I was saddened by how emotionally difficult holidays and special occasions would be for all the grieving families of the lost. It would be so hard to move forward without any type of closure.

It's now more than four years after the plane vanished and investigations of the event continue. Some pieces of debris were found, confirming that the plane did crash into the ocean. Strangely though, much of the wreckage is still missing. No bodies have been recovered. The disappearance of MA 370 has being called "one of the greatest aviation mysteries in modern history."

On May 13, 2018 an Australian news program, 60 Minutes Australia, aired a program interviewing experts who believe they now know why and how the plane crashed. Some of them concluded it was an intentional act by one of the pilots; a premeditated, methodically-planned and deliberate murder-suicide.

The hope was voiced that the conclusions presented will bring comfort to the public. I'm not sure they will at all, or if we are really any closer to knowing what happened. I watched the program and read the news reports; for me they just raised more questions.

  • How are the bereaved friends and family members dealing with this news? Even if they believe these theories of why and how the plane crashed, they still don't have final closure without the recovery of the bodies of their loved ones.
  • If this was a premeditated suicide/mass-murder, why is it assumed to have been committed by the pilot, and not the co-pilot, or someone else on the plane? 
  • If this was a suicide, how could a person possibly justify the sacrifice of so many lives in an attempt to satisfy their own wish to die.
  • What safeguards need to be put in place to prevent this from ever happening?
Rather than comforting me, the hypothesis presented in this 60 Minutes Australia investigation makes me quite uncomfortable. It frightens me to think that such an atrocious act could be intentionally committed by a pilot of a commercial airline. It troubles me that if untrue, this theory of intention will unjustly sullying the deceased pilot's reputation.

Sometimes the world now seems quite small, but this event makes me realize we don't know our planet nearly as well as we think we do. Even with today's technology, a huge aircraft can simply disappear.


  1. I suspect it is yet more speculation. And wish people would wait for the facts. This speculation can only hurt the family and friends of those who are missing.

    1. I really wonder if there is any way we will know without doubt what happened and why.

  2. Like you said, with all the modern technology: hundreds of automatic beepers that are supposed to go off with contact with seawater, signals on the black box, etc. How could they just disappear? It bothers me to this day!

  3. I think about this all of the time! I can't imagine what those families have been through and I hope that one day they get the answers they so rightly deserve.


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