Friday, July 22, 2016

I'm Featured on The Blended Blog Today!

Today I am being featured on The Blended Blog.  It is a collective blog featuring many creative voices, written by a group of talented lifestyle and fashion bloggers. I am honored that my friend Lana (who also writes Two Teens and Their Mama) interviewed me for today's "Featured Friday" post. I hope you will stop over there and check it out.

Lana and I were lucky enough to discover each other's blogs right away when we both began blogging. We have been friends ever since.

We've met in person several times and even participated in a walk together. 

You can read about the times we have gotten together in person by clicking the links for these two posts: 

I once guest posted for Lana, and you might enjoy my Blackberry Crisp Recipe from that article.

And ... you might even learn a thing or two you don't already know about me when you read my answers to the interview questions on The Blended Blog!

My posting schedule has become sporadic this summer, as I am putting my energy into spending time with family and friends. It will become more frequent again next fall. My next post will be published one day next week, and hopefully, it will save you a little time!

Which do you think is harder: creating a set of interview questions or answering them?
Which would you rather do?

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  1. Congratulations.
    Off to check out the post.

    1. Thanks EC! It's been too long since I have had time for reading blogs - hoping to head over to yours later today!

  2. I've missed you both so much! I can't wait until you're back at it this fall! I haven't been around much myself, but now that we've made it through that near disaster I'm more myself and ready to get back at it.

    1. Rena - I have been thinking a lot about you. I'm off to visit your blog and get caught up on everything today!

  3. Thanks for letting me interview you! So glad we met and became friends!

  4. COngratulation!! I think, I rather answer questions!!!


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