Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mayday, mayday. I can't believe it's already May 1st!

The title of this post is both an expression of joy and a cry of distress. I am so glad spring is here - but how can it be MAY already?

May 1st - a mayday distress call or a day to celebrate?

Okay, so I am not really sending out a distress signal. 

To truly use the established cry for help, I should have typed the words "mayday" three times instead of twice for this title. But, in the United States, it is apparently a punishable offense to falsely declare a "mayday" - and I'm not taking any chances!

May 1st and so much to do.

I went to bed late last night, and the sun was streaming in my window when I awoke. My first thought was a cheery one - "It's May Day - Yay!" Then I remembered. May is followed by June. Actually, I'm okay with it
being May. I'm just not ready for it to be June.

I feel a little bit this way every May. There is still a lot of spring cleaning to accomplish and many indoor projects are begging loudly for my attention. But the outside is calling too. Everywhere I look there is yard work and gardening to be done, and when the weather gets nice it seems a shame to spend any time indoors. Each year about this time, I question why I didn't tackle all the indoor projects sooner, and I start to feel a little paralyzed by it all. 

June is scaring me a little.

In June, my youngest child will graduates from high school; which means that I am sort of graduating as well. When he is handed his diploma, I will no longer be a parent of a school-aged child. No more making lunches, excusing absences, volunteering for school activities, or attending sporting and music events. Just like a high school senior, I am uncertain of what my future holds and I'm a little apprehensive.

It's May Day not mayday, mayday, mayday.

Time isn't going to slow down and May will have just 30 days, whether I wish for more or not. I've decided I'm not going to waste this month lamenting how quickly it is passing by, but instead try to enjoy every moment. 

May 1st - May Day.

Happy May Day!

Are you happy that it's May?

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  1. You're so right Susan - no point in spending the month worrying about how fast it's going. Now I just need to take your advice! Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. I need to take my own advice, Lana! Good luck getting everything done!

  2. At my age, Susan, the months go by so quickly I don't even try to keep up! I love May because that means we get to travel out to see our kids and their families (especially the grand kids!). Winter is gone and we don't (we hope) have to worry about snow packed, icy roads. I had all kinds of good intentions to get my spring housecleaning done but haven't gotten that far yet! benefit is that it isn't fire season yet!

    1. It is so much easier to travel now Lynn - although I haven't taken off the snow tires yet, just in case! And let's hope the fire season isn't bad this year!

  3. I don't know about you but I love May day, I get to exercise my wreath making skills on that day. No emergencies for me. And we won't talk about time... ;)

    1. I hate to admit it Mary - but I have never made a May wreath! In fact, I hadn't even heard of that May Day tradition until a few years back. Maybe next year, though!

  4. I remember having those feelings too. It was so scary, but our mind has a way of playing tricks on us. It really isn't very different afterwards. You'll still be mom and the sun will still shine. It will take some adjusting, but I know you and I know you will do just fine. Besides we're here for the bad days.

  5. The year is whizzing by isn't it? Faster than a speeding bullet.

  6. You have all of May before the onset of June - and I've finally realized why empty nesting isn't as stressful as I thought - it's because they fly back home regularly for the first few years. You only lose them for a bit of time and before you know it they're home eating everything in sight and it feels like they never left. The cycle repeats for many years to come xx


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